The Endesa League has officially confirmed that the city of Valencia (and the Valencia Basket facilities) will host the final phase of the 2019/20 season, which will finally be completed after the catastrophe caused by the coronavirus.

From the team they had indications that they would be chosen and after the official news, the councilor of the club Paco Raga has communicated with the media. According to his words, Raga affirms that “we will work hard, together with the ACB, to turn this season finale into a global example of organization and to help our league continue to be an international benchmark”

Raga also said that he hopes that this event “helps to stimulate the activity and that fans can continue to enjoy the sport # and thanked“ the ACB and the clubs for having chosen Valencia as the venue ”in addition to showing their gratifications with the political authorities and with the team’s patron, Juan Roig.