Paco Len and Leonor Watling will star in the adaptation of ‘Desde la sombra’

Variety anticipates that Paco Len and Leonor Watling will lead the cast of ‘From the Shadows’, the film adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Juan José Millas that we know around here as ‘From the shadows’.

The film, a production by the Spanish Tornasol Media together with the Belgian Entre Chien et Loup, will be directed by Flix Viscarret, responsible for ‘Under the stars’, the eight episodes of the miniseries’ Four seasons in Havana’ or the documentary ‘ Saura (s) ‘, among others. Viscarret himself will be in charge of writing his screenplay with David Muoz, screenwriter of ‘The Devil’s Backbone’, ‘The Possession of Emma Evans’ or ‘Sordo’.

For its part, Latido Films will be in charge of promoting the project during the South Window, the Latin American film market organized by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) of Argentina and the March du Film of the Cannes Festival that this 2020 will be develop between November 30 and December 4.

Paco Len has pending the premiere on Christmas Day of his latest film, ‘Mam o pap’, a comedy in which he shares the spotlight with Miren Ibarguren. For her part, Leonor Watling has just premiered the first season of ‘Nasdrovia’, the remarkable Movistar + comedy whose cast she leads alongside Hugo Silva.

Finally we leave you with the official synopsis of the original novel:

Where nobody pays attention, someone hides who controls the movements of the universe from the shadows.

Damin feels confused since he lost his job. One day he commits a petty theft in an antiques market and hides inside a closet. Before he can leave, the closet is sold and transferred to Luca and Fede’s double room, where Damin ends up installed, as if it were part of the furniture.

The skill with which an impossible, though plausible, premise is carried to its ultimate consequences gives this novel an extraordinary tension. Thus, from his hiding place, Damin watches this family.

In this way, he will get closer to Luca’s heart, to his fears and his dreams, and by doing so he will finally know that he is respected and see what he is capable of when feeling alive.

The reader Juan Jos Mills and the great writer shake hands in this novel that contains a strong symbolic value in its apparent simplicity. The best Milesian prose at the service of a brilliant novel that articulates the obsessions of the master of strangeness.