Bandai Namco’s mythical ice-cream conquer takes over the 3D Games logo.

Today is a special day for the video game industry, and it is not for less, as thePacman 40th anniversary, a legendary work that ended up conquering the hearts of millions of players around the world thanks to its simple but addictive game proposal. It was undoubtedly one of its great virtues: an easy to understand concept to which you catch the trick in a matter of seconds, but that in the same way, knew how to challenge you so that you did not stop playing and playing for hours.

His first months in Japan were not very successful but everything changed with his arrival in the United States.Developed byToru IwataniWith the support of Namco, Pac-Man hit the market at a time when Space Invaders was a hit with matamarcians dominating arcades around the world. For this reason, this fresh and original proposal managed to find a place among the fans, surprised by how fun it was to escape from the ghosts until you hunted them yourself!

Despite his worldwide success, the truth is that his first months of life in Japan were not as spectacular as one might think today. Far from the frenzy of other games of the time, Iwatani himself came to recognize years afterthe receptionEven the Japanese press was not particularly good. However, when they were released in America’s arcades in October 1980,the Pac-Man phenomenonIt was unstoppable.

Bandai Namco has surprised us with this redesign of the 3DJuegos logo.

Here at 3DJuegos we were lucky enough to interview Toru Iwatani when Pacman’s father received the award for his entire career at BGW 2017, and back then he told us some anecdotes about the creation of his most remembered video games. Today we have also dedicated a text about Pacman’s secret and his effective artificial intelligence. In the end, there are many details that contributed to making this a true classic of video games.

There have been many versions of Pac-Man, including a game designed by Miyamoto for the GameCube.Of course its success contributed to the release of many other versions of the video game, with some proposals as interesting asPac-Man Vs.that it was a joint development between Iwatani and Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo, and that it sought to show the benefits of the connectivity between Game Cube and Gameboy Advance. What is the Pac-Man game you remember the most? We remind you that long ago Bandai Namco promised to celebrate Pacman’s 40th anniversary in style, what surprises will they keep?

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