Pac-Man and Hello Kitty join Google’s augmented reality

After to be able to integrate practically any animal, dinosaurs and even a skeleton into our environment, Google has presented the new characters that we can bring to life thanks to augmented reality using Google 3D.

In this case, we can see some of the Japanese figures that have accompanied us during childhood, such as Pac-Man running in front of the ghosts in our living room or Gundam landing in our room. Other characters that are available are Evangelion, Hello Kitty, Gomora, and Ultraman. You can check the full list of characters on the Google blog.

The choice of these characters is not accidental nor has the list been drawn up at random. Google has used the information collected by its search engines to find out which characters are the most popular among users.. The most sought after is undoubtedly Pac-Man, which doubles the second on the list, which, in this case, is Hello Kitty.

During the past year, searches for everything related to anime also skyrocketed, surpassing even video game searches internationally, and skyrocketing 2300% in the last five years.

How to see these and other characters in Google 3D

To give life to any of the characters that marked our childhood, we will only have to enter their name in the Google search engine and select the option “View in 3D” to rotate the character or to zoom in.

After tracking the area that will be collected by the camera of our mobile device, we can bring these characters from outer space into your own space with the help of augmented reality. In addition to seeing them, we can also hear Hello Kitty or listen to the sound effects of Pac-Man while he runs eating the balls.

Finally, like the rest of the animations in augmented reality, We can also record personalized videos, interacting with all the characters and later share it with family and friends.

These 3D animations are compatible with any mobile device, be it Android or iOS.