Pablo Motos explains why he was investigated by the CNI “in case he belonged to Al Qaeda”

In the program last Thursday, February 18, Pablo Motos invited radio journalist Carlos Alsina to ‘El hormiguero’. During the visit, and in the program in general, various aspects of contemporary society were discussed, such as the current situation of journalism in our country. Nevertheless, Alsina asked Motos a question that no one expected: « What relationship do you have with the National Intelligence Center (CNI)? »

Pablo Motos interviewing Carlos Alsina in ‘El Hormiguero’]

Laughing, the presenter explained that, after the visit of Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, told him that he would like to visit the CNI one day, and that is how he got access. But Alsina did not want to get to that point, but I wanted explanations of why Pablo Motos has been investigated. « I know where you’re going, and it’s even funnier, » confessed Motos. « When I was leaving the visit, the General of the CNI came and told me that they had been investigating me for an alleged relationship with Al-Qaeda », he recounted.

« He first took an image of a man who was very scary; then a photo of his imprisonment; and then a photo of you and me in a swimsuit on the beach in Denia« , he confessed. Carlos Alsina thanked the presenter for the sincerity, in addition to asking to be thanked » for having made him tell this on television. « That was when Motorcycle affirmed with fear that « before the covid I took photos with about 100 people every weekend, Who knows how many terrorists or other people I have taken photos with« .

« The whitening of fascism » and Pablo Motos

During the gathering held by the program’s collaborators and the presenter, discussed the events that occurred after the arrest of Pablo Hassél and about the need or not of a correction of the Penal Code on convictions for glorifying terrorism or crime against religious sentiments. Motos wanted to ask: « Why are we so sensitive to religious feelings and yet if you are famous they can insult you and lie about you? ».

The gathering of the collaborators of ‘El Hormiguero’

In recent years, the presenter has been charged for various reasons, although, for Pablo Motos himself, what has bothered him the most has been that they said « that he whitewashed fascism for bringing a person who had the same right as the others, even if I don’t agree with him just as I do not agree with others. « Although he did not mention his name at any time, between the lines it was possible to know that he was talking about the criticized interview with Santiago Abascal, president of Vox. « It looked like he was bringing in a criminal », Motos was honest.

Given these statements, Pablo Motos took the opportunity to explain why he interviewed political leaders in a format such as ‘El Hormiguero’, to which he argued that « this is where you really know how they are because we take them out of the box where they always are« He further added that he tries to leave his political ideals « at the door so as not to put them too much, because nobody knows what I think or who I vote for ».