Pablo Ibar continues fighting from Okeechobe prison to defend his absolute innocence of the triple crime committed in Miramar in 1994, for which he was sentenced to life in prison by a popular jury after local police claimed it was Ibar who appeared in a video recorded at the crime scene alluding to a face of Latino origin. The nephew of boxer Urtain also wanted to talk about this decision and the risk of coronavirus in prison in a video broadcast by the Pablo Ibar Association.

Ibar expressed the risk of contracting the coronavirus in prison. Despite acknowledging that he has had no problems in this regard, he denounces the risk to which prisoners are exposed in the compound, given that the United States has the highest rate of infections and deaths worldwide. Ibar wears a mask most of the time in a module in which 200 people are held. “When we slaughter the patio or we are going to dine we always have to wear the masks. Also when we talk on the phone. Here we are going through the same things as outside the prison,” he said.

Urtain’s nephew also took the opportunity to defend his innocence again about the triple crime that took place in 1994 that it has made him face 26 years of trials and deprivation of liberty and that he has had 16 years on death row. Ibar calls the verdict ‘unfair’ and harshly attacks judge Dennis Bradley, who was not impartial during the hearing. “I had the judge against him. And we are going to prove it. I thought we were going to celebrate my freedom, my innocence, and I did not plan to hear the word ‘guilty’.”

In fact, Ibar’s lawyers showed extensive evidence to demonstrate that Ibar was not at the crime scene that night, although Judge Bailey prevented the jury from having access to them, and settling the verdict towards Pablo Ibar’s guilt. “I cannot believe that after so many years and so many trials the result was that. We are going to show that the judge was against me. I know that sooner or later the truth must come out. Neither my family nor I deserve this.”

For this reason Ibar asks that people continue to support him. “To all the people who have supported and helped me during this time it is difficult for them not to forget me, this cause, this injustice. We lost another battle, but we kept going. And I know that together we can do something. “Ibar’s defense is waiting for the transcripts of the judicial process and, once it has them, they will design the line to demonstrate that Judge Dennis Bailey committed serious irregularities in the trial so that the jury found Ibar guilty, who maintains hope from prison in the midst of another risk such as the coronavirus.