The Spanish tennis player Pablo Andújar He gave an interview to All About Tennis, where he talked about all the news surrounding the world of tennis and left several very good headlines. In addition to everything related to the tennis break on the coronavirus, the man from Cuenca spoke of the big three and the fight they have to end as the tennis player with the most Grand Slams in history: “Today, one does not play tennis for money. Yes You play is because you continue enjoying like the first day and obviously players like Federer, Nadal or Djokovic do not do it for adding many amounts of money. They seek to be the best player in history, to see who ends up with the most Grand Slams titles “, Andújar said that he made it clear that a victory in tennis is celebrated more than in a soccer or basketball victory: “When a tennis player wins, he does not have the same feeling as a soccer player or a basketball player. Victories are felt more because it is a sport individual and you feel fulfilled “, he concluded.