The message of thanks from Pablo Alborán (Instagram @ cfo_pabloalboranvalencia)

After a few weeks ago and in the framework of the month of June, when pride and the visibility of non-normative sexual identities and diversities are celebrated internationally, Pablo Alborán shared a confession with the public when he declared himself homosexual after long years of rumors and suspicions.

“I have always fought against any expression that goes against any freedom or equality. From racism, xenophobia, racism, machismo, transphobia, homophobia, any kind of hatred. And today I want my scream to grow louder and have more courage and weight. I am here to tell you that I am gay, that nothing happens, that life remains the same, ”said the singer on June 17.

Now, on International Pride Day, a date chosen by the movement LGBTIQ + to affirm the respect and visibility of sexual minorities relegated to society, Pablo shared a new video on his social networks to directly thank his followers and all those who have offered him words of support and affection in the last days after the announcement in which he revealed his sexual orientation and his intention to continue living life intensely, but now with the freedom to show himself as he is.

Ricky Martin was one of the first to publicly applaud Pablo Alborán’s confession (Photo: Instagram @ pabloalboran / @ ricky_martin)

In the midst of the recordings of a new record work made in this period of social isolation, the Andalusian artist from a new account resorted to the recording of a clip that he posted on Instagram in which expresses gratitude and positive appreciation for the « personal stories » shared by his followers, who have identified with the singer’s experience and his confession, after spending a long time in the closet.

First, the artist uploaded an image of an urban rainbow drawn on the asphalt of a street, claiming action that instantly received thousands of likes and amount of comments supporting the cause and the courage of Alborán for showing his true person.

« Draw freely the path … # AVivirQueLaVidaSeVa #pride », he wrote at the bottom of the photo.

He also uploaded a collage to his stories with a message from some of his thousands of followers forming an allusive message, where the freedom of love relationships is reaffirmed.

The image shared by Alborán on International Pride Day (Photo: Instagram @PabloAlboran)

It is striking that It is the second time that the artist mentions that of “Life goes away”, which suggests that the quarantine and the situation experienced worldwide has led to reflection and the appreciation of life in the singer.

Family, a million thanks for all the messages I am receiving these days, for all the messages of affection and love, for the very personal and beautiful things that you are sharing with me. I am receiving beautiful stories, super inspiring, I am very happy about all the beautiful things you are saying to me, and that you know that you are inspiring me a lot for everything that comes. I send you a big kiss and I’m super happy

The image shared by the singer, a message from some of his followers (Photo: Instagram @PabloAlboran)

The 32-year-old singer made his followers participate in some moments of the preparation of a new project, which he assured will bring news and surprises. After several months of working in the studio, Alborán has almost a new album ready and shared aspects of its development through small videos in the form of a boomerang.

‘I don’t know when to stay …. mmmm … I will keep them all! » He wrote at the bottom.

Alborán is in the process of preparing new musical themes (Photo: Instagram @PabloAlboran)

These gestures demonstrate that Alborán seems ready to position himself as an opinion leader and to commit himself to the LGBTIQ + cause as his great friend Ricky Martin has been doing for years, who was one of the first to applaud his commented out of the closet.


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