Pablo Alborán has become one of the most important Spanish musicians today. Furthermore, through his songs he has always tried to fight against all kinds of injustices. Now, the young musician is in the news for having made an intimate confession to all his followers through his official Instagram account. The artist has revealed that he is gay and that he has always had the support of his own, both from his family and friends and from his record label.

The singer’s video has started as follows: “Hello, family. Hello everyone. As you know the world is leaving us some bittersweet news lately. We all feel strange, we rethink life, work … what makes us happy and what doesn’t “and to what he added:”I think that on many occasions we have love, the one that unites us, that makes us stronger

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The Malaga artist has continued and opened up with all his followers: “Now, from that love that unites us, I would like to tell you something very personal. I am here to tell you that I am gay. That nothing happens, that life remains the same. I need to be a little bit happier than I already was. ” The young man, in addition, has condemned any kind of hatred and has decided to raise his voice and fight for what he believes is fair.

Likewise, Pablo explained that he has always had the support of his family “Many people suppose it, know it or simply do not care. In my house I have always had the freedom to love whom I have loved, I have always been accompanied when it comes to fulfilling my dreams ”, he expressed. The reactions to the video did not take long and he has garnered more than 100,000 ‘likes’ in just a few minutes and many faces known as Alejandro Sanz, Rayden, Lola Índigo, Malú or Vanesa Martín have wanted to comment on their friend and express the great admiration for him.