Oxford students remove portrait of Queen Elizabeth II for depicting a ‘colonial’ symbol

Queen Elizabeth II.

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson / .

Oxford University students, one of the most prestigious in the UK and the world, voted to remove a painting with the image of the Queen isabel II located in the common rooms of the institution, since they considered it to be a symbol representing ‘colonialism’.

The portrait has been hanging for decades, but graduates said it should be withdrawn to be replaced by art or by the portrait of any other influential person and inspiring, as reported by ‘Telegraph’.

“For some students, the representations of the queen and the British monarchy represent recent colonial history,” reported the British media.

This raises an alleged historical discussion that, in this case and from the perspective of some students, ‘re-evaluates’ the role of the British monarchy and the ‘colonial heritage’.

Meanwhile, this decision has already generated a strong controversy, since many citizens consider the queen a national symbol such as the Secretary of Education, Gavin Williamson, who described what was done by the university students as absurd.

“For Oxford University students to remove a photo of the Queen is simply absurd. She is the Head of State and a symbol of the best of the UK, ”Williamson wrote on Twitter.

As to Telepgrah, recognized this act as what corresponds to the so-called ‘culture of cancellation’, which has been on the rise throughout the English territory since the anti-racism protests that began to remove statues related to slavery and colonialism.

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