Owl found in Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

The famous rockefeller christmas tree It attracted glances in New York this week not only because of its appearance, more washed out than in other years, but because of the surprise it brought hidden among its branches: a little owl He is now recovering in a bird center in the area after having spent two days traveling in a truck.

“Rockefeller”, as the tiny 12-centimeter bird has been baptized, traveled more than 270 kilometers (170 miles) hidden in an imposing Norwegian fir tree that was felled in the town of Oneonta and transported by road to the Big Apple, where it was discovered by one of the professionals in charge of the tree, according to the NBC channel.

When he arrived at the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center, “Rockefeller” was in good condition “despite everything that had happened” but I had not eaten or drunk for about three days, so he was treated to fluids and “all the mice he could eat” before resting for a vet evaluation, the center reported on its website.

Ravensbeard founder and director Ellen Kalish posted on Facebook some photos of the owl upon arrival at the center, in a cardboard box and then comfortably bundled with a blanket, which have been shared by 10,500 people and they have helped raise nearly $ 7,000.

According to the expert, “Rockefeller” is an adult owl of the Saw-whet species, which “looks for a new mate every year and is resilient looking for new safe places”, so it is most likely that it will be released near the center. , where there are “acres of trees to choose from,” rather than going through another “traumatic” journey back to Oneonta.

Kalish posted a new photo Thursday to update the animal’s status: “Little Rockefeller is doing great! His X-rays have shown no problems. He will stay with us for a few more days while we monitor his health and bring him back to a proper weight. Then we just have to wait until the weather is good for him day of his release“.

According to the New York Post, representatives of Rockefeller center They noted that each year they inspect each branch of the large tree individually before wrapping and moving it, but many times there are birds that “end up making the trip” to New York.