Overwatch universe expands with new short story and Symmetra Rebuild challenge

Blizzard’s hero shooter continues to expand the storylines of its characters in various ways and means.

The Overwatch universe continues to grow with new content and from Blizzard have confirmed that we can now take a broad look at the new short story based on the game as well as the Symmetra Rebuild Challenge.

On the one hand, you can already read the short story from the game’s official website “Stone to Stone”, which delves into a journey taken by Symmetra in which over thirty perfectly illustrated pages delves into its plot. This reads the official synopsis:

“When you accept Tekhartha Zenyatta’s invitation to stay at the temple and discover more about Aurora and the omnic faith, Symmetra embarks on a journey towards understanding, compassion and acceptance. “

On the other hand, there is also new content with the Symmetra Rebuild challenge, available until November 30, and with which players can get nine rewards: seven new graffiti, a player icon and the Symmetra’s new epic Marammat skin. Depending on the victories in the Quick, Competitive or Arcade games, the reward will be higher, needing to win 9 times to get the epic aspect.

To get the graffiti you will have to see the game streams on Twitch, getting more the more hours you have the broadcast active. Meanwhile, you can also take a look at the best Overwatch cosplays.

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