Guys, the cavalry is coming! It is true that Jeff Kaplan’s team is much more focused on the development of Overwatch 2 than on continuing to nurture new maps and characters to the first installment and it is undoubtedly something that is taking its toll. It is a risky move that can go well or it can go wrong, but it is the bet they have decided to make. Apart from the annual events scheduled for the usual dates, it is true that last year they are taking advantage of the launch of new comics and novel chapters to make a series of smaller challenges to get new aspects, graffiti and other cosmetics. On this occasion Blizzard has partnered once again with Dark Horse Comic to bring the first of a series of five chapters that will come out on a monthly basis and how could it be otherwise comes with one of these events. By the way, you can read the comic here.

Play and watch others play to get the new Tracer in Overwatch

Did you see that Tracer so cool when you entered the news? You only have to win nine games in Overwatch between now and September 28 to get it. Also along the way you will get an avatar and a graffiti to get the third and sixth victory. Also, as usual, you can also get more cosmetics by watching the Overwatch broadcasts on Twitch. To do this, you have to link the account of the streaming platform with that of Blizzard through its official page and then choose the streamer of the Blizzard Hero Shooter that you like the most. Once again, the deadline to get all cosmetics is September 28, so no need to binge-watch live shows in just one day. The rewards are another six graffiti that will be distributed when watching two hours, four hours and six hours. In the following trailer you can see everything in action:

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