Overwatch 2: Blizzard Revealed Renewed Characters, New Maps, and More Details

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Blizzard did not disappoint fans who were hoping to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company, which had promised a development update for several games. Although the team in charge of Overwatch 2 had warned that it would not steal the spotlight of the event, there would be a substantial update and revealed several details that it will add in the second installment.

One of the things that we could see after the reveal of Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2019 is that it will feature new maps that will be inspired by places in the world. In the video, the team led by Jeff Kaplan took the opportunity to reveal a couple of completely new maps in the Overwatch universe.

The first is inspired by a location in Italy, we refer to Rome, since Blizzard will bring a map of the Colosseum in Rome to Overwatch 2. Another map will be New York. Similarly, Blizzard also gave a look at Toronto, Canada, and a map located in India.

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Blizzard to Leverage New Tech to Deliver Evolution of Overwatch

Another interesting detail of this new game is that the characters will have renewed appearances. During the event we got to see the new versions of Pharah, McCree, Reaper and Widowmaker. As you can see, the characters will have some changes, but their essence will be preserved. so you can see a change in the transparency of Phara’s visor, McCree’s hat, and a femme fatale and cyberpunk design for Widowmaker.

The appearance of the characters will also be better thanks to the technology that Blizzard will use and that will allow the clothing to have much more detail, apart from the heroes having improved expressions.

The team reiterated that it is also working on the game’s campaign mode and that it will show more about the revolt that once again put Earth in danger. In story mode, players will be able to unlock special character scenes if they meet certain requirements related to the equipment they have at a certain point in the campaign.

Overwatch 2 will also offer gameplay changes

Some people wondered what Overwatch 2 would offer as a novelty and today Blizzard shared more about these plans and took the opportunity to talk about the talent system and skill trees, one of the most striking additions to Overwatch 2. The team of The development ensured that players will truly feel that the characters change and showed some examples of how the game mechanics of various characters, like Mercy, change.

Likewise, they talked about the Null unit, which will have a more relevant role in this installment, which will have new designs and others will be evolved versions and the best thing is that it showed some of these characters for the first time, which will introduce new mechanics of gameplay.

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The developer also mentioned that it will introduce changes in the PvP modes and one of the most striking changes is that the tank-type characters will have a more dynamic role, which will favor aggressive gameplay.

It was also confirmed that the Hero Missions will play a very important role in the sequel, as there are plans to do hundreds of hero missions, which may take place in multiplayer games that already exist, apart from others that will be restructured for this purpose.

However, the team continues to consider the game modes that will exist in Overwatch 2, which is planned as a title that is an evolution and replaces the original game.

We leave you with the full behind-the-scenes video of Overwatch 2 below.

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