Overcooked! two It is one of those games that will continue to expand for ever and ever, or at least for some time to come, as this sequel has continued to receive additional content since it was first released. So, some time ago we learned that we were working on Sun’s Out Buns Out, a new DLC that would add new content and, although at first only the release date was announced on Steam along with an announcement that it would come to Nintendo Switch later, now We already know from which day the players of the hybrid console of the Big N will be able to enjoy these new culinary environments that will put us on the edge.

« Sun’s Out Buns Out, » the next Overcooked DLC! 2, coming July 16 to Nintendo Switch

Contents of «Sun’s Out Buns Out»:New Chefs: A couple of adorable canine chefs are packed to help (or hinder) gamers in the heat of the kitchen. Summer Recipes: Whether you’re just wanting to cool down with a good ice cream or stay healthy with a salad Summertime, the chefs have two new dishes to prepare. New levels: It would not be summer if we were not on vacation, and in « Sun’s Out Buns Out » we will have access to 5 new locations. Let the party begin !: What is better than start the summer with a parade? We can wait for fireworks, confetti and floats to heat up the game. The kitchen will not be a bed of roses: In this new Overcooked DLC! 2 “Carnival of Chaos” exit dispensers return, but new difficulties such as fireworks, which will light (not in the best way) players’ kitchens, also come.

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And you, are you ready to leave your skin in order to cook the best summer dishes that are proposed to us in this new DLC? Time to return to the kitchen on July 16, 2020 on Nintendo Switch!

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