Overcome Ana Cheri with her huge charms to Suzy Cortez!

Surpass Ana Cheri with her huge charms over Zuzy Cortez! | Instagram

The model and businesswoman Ana Cheri shared two flirty photos recently, in it she appears wearing her figure like never before, so much that it could be a strong competition for Suzy Cortez and dispute the title of “Miss bumbum“.

Undoubtedly, both celebrities are two beloved influencers as well as models who have earned the admiration and affection of Internet users, especially when they publish content that is a bit risque.

On this occasion, the beautiful American model shared two photos in which she appears with stockings, a corset, and two transparent garments of pink lace, this set seems to be from another era.

It was precisely the second photo that immediately reminded us of Miss Bumbum 2018 and 2019 who was precisely the flirty Brazilian model Suzy Cortez, due to the pose in which she was lifting her hips while kneeling on the floor.


To tell the truth, both photos were a delight for the followers of Ana Cheri, within an hour of having made the publication, it already has about 60 thousand red hearts.

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Be like a flower, trust the light, grow through the earth, create new movements, “wrote Ana Cheri.

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