outsourcing of government workers will end

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that they will seek to eradicate subcontracting in workers in government agencies. Under the argument that this employment model is illegal for public servants.

In this sense, he mentioned that in the case of private school teachers, outsourcing is carried out, however for public education not since this is the case, because the state or federal government is responsible for contracting, therefore he emphasized that it should not exist.

Some companies use outsourcing to avoid providing benefits to their workers. Photo: Reforma

He also added that this mechanism is being avoided, because many institutions in the month of December fire their workers so as not to provide them with the benefits that correspond to them, such as bonuses and profits, hiring them again in the month of January or February.

In this way, the president pointed out that good businessmen must see to their workers, and this was reflected in the pandemic that although many businesses had to close, some were very humanitarian towards them. However, those who have the outsourcing mechanism were the first to lay off their employees, which is why they will seek to end outsourcing.

He also pointed out that he does not have information on whether the government has contracted outsourcing services, but warned that where there is, it will end.

He reported that they have been in charge of regularizing these mechanisms, for example in the case of the Ministry of Education, he mentioned that 370 thousand teachers have been given a basis in their administration so far and will continue to do so.

He added that he is committed to granting a base to health workers who have a contract for fees, both in the public and private sectors, emphasizing that the purpose of this is the benefit of the worker, but it also seeks to strengthen the public finances, by Social Security and Infonavit.

Finally, he mentioned that if the deputies want to maintain outsourcing it is their decision because it is an independent power, but within the Executive it is sought that workers are not affected.

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