Outside! Lizbeth Rodríguez’s cachetero and top do not contain everything

Outside! Lizbeth Rodríguez’s cachetero and top do not contain everything | Instagram

It seems that Lizbeth Rodríguez’s dance classes are spectacular and it is that the star of Exposing Infidels He decided to teach some of what he has learned and much more.

The beautiful ex girl Badabun she chose to show her best dance steps a short cachetero and a top that could do little to contain her charms.

Lizbeth Rodríguez posted a couple of videos on Tik Tok in which she can be seen moving her charms to the rhythm of the music and with two different dance partners.

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The youtuber chose for both occasions cacheteros shorts, which with their dance did not hide anything about her beautiful legs and showed much more than that, in addition to emphasizing her waist and prominent curves.

But one of these videos has a “plus” since the influencer wore a top that made it clear there was nothing else underneath and also allowed the mischievous camera to peek a bit at her charms.

The social media star and partner of Esteban Villagómez She shared one of these videos also on Instagram, where she highlighted that her friends dance better than her. The famous one has pointed out that she does not dance very well, but that is why she is taking classes and has made enormous progress.

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Eros Rodríguez’s mother shared in her Instagram stories that she had a long night since she was recording the infidels and assures that she found many.

The ex of Tavo betancourt She dressed quite beautifully for the occasion with a white top whose plunging neckline enchanted her followers, as well as colorful pants with which she matched.

Lizbeth Rodriguez He shared that he arrived at dawn to rest and that he would not rest much since he had an interview earlier today and that a person would go before to prepare for it.

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Rodríguez is full of work and projects, so much so that the internet star and her partner shared that for a year they sought to become parents; however, this year they will not because they will be very busy at work.

Lizbeth has shared that there is a lot of support and complicity between her and Esteban, since she supports him in his project and he supports her in his, making coexistence as a couple easier; In addition, he added, it is very important how things are handled when one is upset.