Outrage with what a ‘Public Mirror’ reporter did to this British tourist

A journalist from ‘Espejo Público’ (Antena 3) asks a British tourist in Barcelona. (Photo: ANTENA 3)

The Antena 3 Public Mirror program is being pointed out in the last hours for what it did on the morning of this Thursday on the beach of Barceloneta, in Barcelona, ​​where a reporter looked for people bypassing the obligation to wear a mask at any distance.

The journalist approached a British tourist who was alone in front of the sea with his dog, with no one around.

“Good morning, do you speak Spanish?” Asked the reporter.

The boy answers that no, that only English and the journalist answers “English? Hey, you’re not wearing a mask, do you know you’d have to wear a facemask? “

Confused by not understanding anything, the young man insists and does so in Spanish: “Is it possible in English?”

“Facemask”, insists the journalist.

The young man then asks the reporter in English: “What about the mask? I think?”.

Faced with her lack of response, the boy begins to explain that he does not like it but that he understands “why it is necessary” and that “it is one of those things that we simply have to accept.” “It is a small price to pay for the health situation in Spain to return to normal,” he adds.

However, the journalist translates the following: “He is telling us that he does not wear a mask because he considers that it is not necessary to wear a mask when he is here on the beach and when there is a safety distance and at the moment there are not many people here on the beach”.

The presenter of the program, Lorena García, who has replaced Susanna Griso these days of Easter, instead of correcting her partner, reaffirms …

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.