New York, USA.

A video of a white woman calling the police for the presence of a black man who watched birds in the New York Central Park turned viral, and caused outrage at the complaint considered racist.

The images published on Twitter and with almost 26 million views, were filmed by man, Christian Cooper, who said he had asked the woman to put a leash your dog.

She was walking the dog on Monday in a wooded area of ​​the park that is popular with bird watchers and where the dogs should be kept tied up.

In the video, while the woman fight for control the dog, Cooper approaches, and then she is seen making a phone call.

“I will tell you that there is a man African American threatening my life, “he says to Cooper as he calls the hotline 911.

“There’s an African-American man here, I’m in the Central Park. It is recording me, threatening me and threatening my dog, “the woman, later identified as Amy Cooper- unrelated to man-, insurance broker of a local financial company.

The images sparked outrage eOn social media, many women called the woman “Karen,” a popular online term to describe a white woman who considers herself greater privileges What others.

The incident even generated the reaction of the mayor of the city of New York, Bill de Blasio, who condemned his actions as “racism, plain and simple. “

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“He called the police BECAUSE he was a black man. Even though she was the one who broke the rules. He decided that he was the criminal and we know why. This type of hatred has no place in our city, “he noted on his Twitter account.

Later, Amy Cooper He apologized during an interview with NBC, in which denied being racist and said he had overreacted after feeling threatened.