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If you have a terrace or a garden and you want to have an outdoor socket that you can control with your mobile, these are the best options.

If smart plugs have become one of the first products you should buy when you want to turn your home into a smart one and control many of the electronic products you have from your mobile, the garden or the terrace, it is no different.

Like there are outdoor sockets, there are also smart plugs for outdoor. Different aspect, but same operation that will allow you to control them from your mobile or with assistants like Alexa.

We have chosen some of the best outdoor WiFi plugs that you can buy right now.

You can enjoy video games on Chromecast both alone and with friends, and it is one of the best experiences to start a great party at home.

You can use them to program some lights to turn on and off, for irrigation systems or for anything you can think of that can be plugged in, such as outdoor fans or misting systems that cool the environment.

Some models are adapters that you plug into the sockets that you have already installed, others are watertight boxes with WiFi connection that you can install on an outside wall. In all cases they are resistant to humidity or rain, so you do not have problems of use in the garden or terrace.

You can get them on Amazon with free shipping, but if you also want fast shipping you can sign up for Amazon Prime. You will have a 30-day free trial with free cancellation.

With two outlets: Teckin Outdoor Smart Outlet

Teckin outdoor plug for 28.99 euros

This plug is actually a thief with two sockets to connect whatever device you have out in the open.

The outdoor plug Teckin SS42 It is characterized by having a better WiFi connection range thanks to its improved chip. It resists a maximum power of 4000W, a degree of protection IP44 and can be controlled with the standard Tuya Smart Life application.

It is compatible with Google voice assistants and Amazon Alexa. The application allows you to have full control of its use and will resist splashes outdoors.

Its price is less than 30 euros, although it can be cheaper thanks to the discount coupons on its Amazon page.

HomeKit Compatible: Meross Outdoor Plug

Meross outdoor plug for 31.99 euros

This Meross WiFi and outdoor socket It is exactly what you expect from a product of this type. Its design allows it to be plugged in and installed on a wall, or left freely on the floor or on top of a surface.

It has an on / off button on the front and two sockets that you can control with the Meross mobile application.

But this plug also is compatible with Apple HomeKit, something quite rare. Therefore, if you have an iPhone, you only have to scan its QR code and add it to the Home application, without intermediaries.

Its price is 31.99 euros, but take advantage of Amazon offers with a 6 euro coupon that you will find on its page. With the discount it will be only 25.99 euros.

The version of this plug compatible with Google and Alexa is cheaper, only 22.99 euros at Amazon.

With consumption measurement: UCOMEN waterproof plug

UCOMEN waterproof plug with WiFi for 34.59 euros

This brand plug UCOMEN It is a very interesting option for those who want to install a socket outside with WiFi. It also comes in packs of 2.

It connects directly to a socket, but the outside has a protective cap to prevent moisture from entering. Its big difference is actually that it has control over consumption. From its application you will be able to see how much energy it is using and a history.

The price of the 2-unit pack is only 34.59 euros and the 4-unit pack now costs 63.36 euros.

With cover for wall mounting: TTAototech

Encufe WiFi for outdoor TTAototech for 23.39 euros

This option is for whoever wants to install an outdoor plug directly without prior installation. You will only have to drill it into the wall and run a tube with cables to this unit in order to have a waterproof plug in the open.

The TTAototech socket has WiFi to control it with its mobile application or with assistants such as Alexa or Google. It has IP55 resistance, both to dust and splashes.

Its price is only 23.39 euros and if you buy it by registering before in Amazon Prime you get it with free and fast shipping.

Cheapest: Hotloop outdoor plug

Get the WiFi Hotloop outdoor plug for 19.99 euros

If you are looking for a very cheap outdoor plug, you have no better option than this one from Hotloop. It has 2 plug sockets and is compatible with assistants such as Google and Alexa.

It has a standard protection of IP44 and each socket has its own cover to prevent any element from entering. It connects to 2.4 GHz WiFi networks and is controlled with the Tuya app.

Its price is only 19.99 euros, perfect to use it with lights, irrigation systems, electric barbecues and any product that you want to plug in your terrace, garden or exterior walls.

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