Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

There is nothing better than enjoying a good party with friends outdoors, and if there is music, even better. For this reason, we are going to recommend a series of waterproof and weather resistant speakers so that you can take the party wherever you want.

What to consider when choosing an outdoor speaker?

As you may be imagining, the key when choosing an outdoor speaker is that it is mainly capable of withstanding inclement weather. For that, there are some certifications that guarantee the extent to which a device can endure the water, be it rain and even immersions in water, so you should be attentive to the different certifications offered by the devices. These certifications are usually the IPX7, IP67, IP68

It is also important that you keep an eye on the connections, as a visible port could give you problems in the future. If they have rubber bumpers and sealing caps, you will get better results and your speaker will last longer over time.

Speakers for outdoor use

These are some of the best priced and most interesting speakers you can find on the market.


Braven Horn

This small device has a very compact size and IPX7 certification, so you can take it wherever you want almost without noticing.

It offers a total power of 5W, and its control buttons are made of rubber and are perfectly sealed.

Sonos roam

Sonos Roam SpeakerSonos Roam Speaker

Possibly the best portable outdoor speaker out there today. It has an excellent power of 10W which gives a spectacular sound quality.

It is perfectly waterproof and has an integrated wireless charging system, so you will not need cables.

Compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant, it also includes a WiFi connection to use it with AirPlay and other smart services. It is the model with the highest price, but it is the best.

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JBL Clip 3

JBL hornJBL horn

An interesting model that is characterized by including an integrated clip that will allow you to carry it hanging from a backpack or a bag while you carry the music at maximum volume.

Its battery promises 10 hours of battery life, and its metal chassis will protect it from accidental bumps and drops. It perfectly withstands baths in the water, making it an interesting model to take to pool parties.

Sony SRS-XB12

Sony SRS-XB12 Port & # xe1; til speaker.  Photo: SRS-XB12 Port & # xe1; til speaker.  Photo:

A well-known model from the Sony catalog that with a very compact and colorful design promises excellent sound quality in an extremely tiny format.

Its connections are covered with a rubber cap that protects them from water, and you only need to pair it to your cell phone via Bluetooth to get the party started.

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2

Ultimate Ears HornUltimate Ears Horn

Ultimate Ears Horn

This Ultimate Ears model follows the brand’s traditional design with textile finishes and two large, easily recognizable buttons to control the volume.

It is available in several different colors, and has a small size of 104 millimeters high and 95 millimeters wide. It is very small!

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