outdoor home surveillance camera with artificial intelligence

This IP camera shows you on your mobile everything it ‘sees’ in its coverage area. In addition, it resists inclement weather and distinguishes people from objects.

The C3X is EZVIZ’s most advanced outdoor WiFi camera. It stands out for its excellent ability to capture and record color video even in extremely dark environments and circumstances; the lab test result indicates up to 0.005 lux. Its dual lens system and the artificial intelligence algorithms it equips avoid the need to turn on lights and allow night images to be appreciated in minute detail, including information such as the color of clothes or cars, which are usually lost in security cameras. traditional.

Artificial intelligence and improved detection firmware

Cx3 features sophisticated technology powered by built-in AI deep learning algorithms. This allows the recognition of people and vehicles in motion as well as discriminating animals, foliage or insignificant objects. The camera sends notifications in real time to the user’s phone when vehicles or people cross the specific lines defined by the user in the application. This service does not require a subscription fee to be operational.

With alarm

It comes equipped with a siren alarm and strobe light that can be programmed to automatically activate when motion events are detected. It is possible to change the siren to the activation of a pre-recorded audio track with the message that you want to transmit as a warning (For example: “You have entered private property”). The detection firmware is constantly updated through the EZVIZ app to constantly increase the accuracy.

Cloud storage

For European users, EZVIZ provides cloud storage for up to 24 hours per device (valid for the entire life of the product). The user can choose between storing the video clips in the cloud located in Europe of the firm or in a local card, a MicroSD with a storage capacity of up to 256 GB. Or both.

For outdoor

It is a special outdoor WiFi or IP camera, for which the IP67 protocol accredits. Its dual antennas ensure a stable wireless connection. It also has two-way communication, that is, it is possible to talk to people who are in front of the camera directly from the mobile.

EZVIZ C3X: other technical characteristics

Video resolution: 1080p Full HD. Video compression technology: H.265. 2.4 GHz WiFi connection. IP67 – Protection against dust and water. Built-in MicroSD slot (up to 256GB). Simple use through the EZVIZ mobile app. With strobe light and alarm.

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