Out of the megapixel war?

Yet It’s too early to expect rumors about the future Samsung Galaxy S22, but we already know what this sector is like, and the progress with which some filters are beginning to offer information about devices of which, to this day, there are still very, very few people who have reliable information. Something that, of course, on the one hand makes us doubt about their reliability but on the other, if they are finally confirmed, about the reliability of the supposed circle of trust.

There is still a long way to go for us to have certainty about the Samsung Galaxy S22, which will be presented by the Korean technology company at the beginning of next year (mid-January, if they repeat the presentation dates of the Galaxy S21), but it is interesting to follow the rumors, especially those like the one published today in Phonearena, since they point to a paradigm shift, and that is The Samsung Galaxy S22 could put the megapixel war behind us, in which manufacturers have been immersed for some years.

And it is that, as they affirm, Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus would have a 50 megapixel main camera, complemented by ultra wide angle and a zoom factor x3, each of them 12 megapixels. This, in the first instance, is particularly surprising, since we are talking about the same Samsung of which, just a few months ago, we received multiple rumors about sensors of 200 megapixels, 250 megapixels and even, although this for cameras, up to 600 megapixels. Everything seemed to indicate that Samsung was not only within the mega-pixel war, but that it was leading it with an advantage.

The doubt remains, even if this rumor is confirmed, what will happen to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the top of the manufacturer’s range. And it is that, to keep the same camera as its brothers or, in any case, to offer one with a somewhat higher resolution, but not excessively higher, we would be talking about the confirmation that Samsung is withdrawing from the war to see who has the camera with the highest resolution and instead concentrates efforts on improving the quality of the sensors with resolutions that, as is the case of 50 megapixels, are already more than enough for the vast majority.

However, if the “little” brothers have a 50 megapixel camera, but the Samsung Galaxy S22 equips a sensor with a much higher resolution, then Samsung would be establishing a perhaps somewhat excessive difference between the top of the range and the rest of the range. the range. However, to this day it is difficult for me to think that this is going to be the case and, on the contrary, I want to interpret it in terms that the plans of the technology are much smarter, and that go through ostensibly improving the quality of current resolution sensors. And, of course, let’s remember that this is a rumor, so we must take it with many reservations.

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