“Our squad is exciting, players with ambition”

-Since his arrival in Oviedo he has not won for scares.

– We are living some very turbulent months. It is a new experience for all of us, which takes us on the wrong foot. To the extent that we can, we protect ourselves from being affected, but we do not live in a bubble. It affects us both for the positives and economically.

– How do you assess the decrease in the budget?

– Last season, the OCB had an economic status that placed it at the top of the category. Now we have a different reality, but we are not going to be lamenting all day. Except for Arteaga, the template is totally different. Not only did we run out of players we wanted to renew, but we had to rethink the aspirations in the market. We have been adapting to the market at all times, changing the configuration because we were not there.

– Do you consider the template closed?

-Yes. Despite everything that has happened, it is an exciting squad, with players with ambition, the desire to work, to get involved in this project, to start a professional career. They give us very good feelings because they are adapting very well to the club and to the new situation.

“It seems that the League has not just started; the key will be to readjust to the last minute changes”

Natxo Lezkano – Oviedo Basketball Coach


– Will they suffer from lack of experience?

– We know that it is very risky to form a squad with so many inexperienced players. In this League it is very noticeable in the tactical aspect and in others, such as the relationship with the referees. LEB Oro is a League for experienced players and our greatest handicap is that we only have two, Óliver Arteaga and Saúl Blanco.

– Could that influence the defeat against Breogán?

-That game left us many lights and some shadows. Sending the scoreboard against Breogán in three quarters of a game is good news, but we were short of fuel. Some players had not arrived. We pay for all that. Now we are quite happy with the squad, although there is always room for improvement.

– Will this break harm them?

–We had found the rhythm of the game and we had good feelings. It seems that the League does not finish starting. We have been training for a long time and we only played three games. What the player wants is to play, especially the youngsters. The key this season will be to adapt to the last minute changes and schedules that must be modified.

“The LEB is important enough for the club to have a pavilion to play at a high level”

Natxo Lezkano – Oviedo Basketball Coach


– Does it hurt you a lot to play without an audience in Pumarín?

–It is another of the handicaps that we have this year. Playing at home is an incentive, both for the club and for the players, and of course it hurts us. But it also happens to other clubs. In front of Breogán, the few people who were able to go to the pavilion encouraged us, but in front of Melilla, with the empty stands, the feeling was a bit strange.

– What do you think about the problems of facilities suffered by the club?

-The LEB is a sufficiently important League and Oviedo a city large enough to have a pavilion that meets the conditions to play at a high level. I believe that it is a situation that has to be redirected. As for training, we are not in the ideal situation either, since we have to share the track with other activities in Pumarín. And sometimes it is difficult to adapt it to the life of a professional athlete.

– How are you in the club and in the city?

-The OCB is a club with a great atmosphere, good professionals and very good people. I notice that everyone works in a positive environment, which is essential for things to go well. And Oviedo is a spectacular city, very beautiful, with pedestrian areas, greenery and an atmosphere on the street despite what is happening. I liked it a lot before I came and now I am discovering it.