“Our heavenly mother watches over all”

The prior of the Basilica of the Valley of the Fallen, Santiago Cantera, in a file image. (Photo: Pool via .)

The religious who administer Cuelgamuros are concerned about the Democratic Memory Law that the Government has enlightened this week. The prior of the Valley of the Fallen, Santiago Cantera, says that his presence in the mausoleum depends on foundations “that cannot be annulled without further ado.”

Cantera sent a letter on Tuesday to the parents of the children of the Escolanía before the approval of the law that can get him out of there to try to reassure them: “Our presence in the Valley does not depend solely or exclusively on the existence of the Foundation [de la Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caídos].

The prior asks the parents for “serenity” despite the “disturbing” news that warns that their days at the abbey may be numbered and launches a taunt at some media that report them with “anger.” In addition, Cantera considers that “it is not a good fact” that the legislative text contemplates the extinction of the Foundation of the Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caídos and clings to a burning nail: “It does not say anything about the disappearance or expulsion” of the Benedictine community or the Escolanía.

Knowing that God and our heavenly Mother watch over all of us Santiago Cantera, prior of the Valley of the Fallen.

The prior explained that what the Government has done is to approve the draft bill so that in September it begins its proceedings in Congress, “where all its debate can last for months or even a year.”

But Cantera fears that the Government wants to “expedite its approval.” But you already have a plan: there will be “resources and factors that can delay the procedure.” And some parties already have the help, in veiled reference to Vox, to lend a hand: “At least one political party will file an appeal of unconstitutionality.”

Cantera continues in the letter thinking about the future and explains that, once the law is in the Courts, the new legal regime of the Valley will have to be regulated by a royal decree. And he warns again: “In case of being frankly negative, it could be appealed and this would mean another prolongation in time”.

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Meanwhile, the prior invites us to “keep peace and calm” and adds that the monks will continue their life in the Valley and the academic year “with all tranquility and normality.” “Knowing that God and our heavenly Mother watch over all of us,” he concludes. Amen.

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