“Our first pick is Eric”: Adams leads in New York primaries

15 minutes. The former policeman and Democratic candidate for mayor of New York Eric Adams, who is clearly ahead of the rest of the candidates of his party in the primary elections this Tuesday, presented himself to his followers as the virtual winner. However, he warned that we must wait for the final results.

We know there are going to be 2, 3 and 4 counts, we know that. But we also know what New York has said: our first pick is Eric“So said Adams, current Brooklyn Borough President.

Adams took a giant step to become the Democratic Party candidate for mayor of the city. He was the most voted candidate as the first choice in the New York primaries, which launched a multi-election system.

With the 82% of ballots counted, the ex-cop leads the vote after 31% of Democratic voters chose him as the preferred candidate. With the new system, voters could choose up to 5 candidates in order of preference, various local media reported.

In second place is Maya Wiley (21.9%), a former adviser to current Mayor Bill de Blasio and a candidate for the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party. She is closely followed by the former director of the Department of Sanitation Kathryn García (20.3%).

In theory, both have options to prevail in the scrutiny if they were chosen as second option many more times than Adams.

With the new system, If no applicant gets more than 50% of the supports, the person with the least support should be eliminated -in this case the unknown Isaac Wright- and then their votes must be distributed among the rest of the opponents. And so on successively until one of the contestants adds more than half of the support.

The keys to prosperity

However, the process of elimination of candidates will not be activated until next June 29. The Electoral Board warned that the final results might not be known until July 12.

Amid the shouts of his supporters, who packed a Brooklyn borough nightclub rented as a general camp on election night, Adams delivered a half-hour speech. He vowed to rebuild the city, fight violence, end racist attacks, and bring New Yorkers back together.

“We are about to get the keys to the prosperity of our city. We are here and I say to you, brothers and sisters: I know what it’s like to be abandoned by the city you love and feel betrayed by the promise“, he affirmed surrounded by representatives of diverse communities that have supported him during the campaign.

Likewise, as he has already repeated on several occasions, he insisted that his career began as a child, on the floor of a police station after being beaten by policemen. He assured: “And now I am going to become the mayor of New York.”

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