“Our federation has reached its maximum with the Nazi comparison”

05/04/2021 at 8:40 PM CEST

Lothar Matthäus was forceful about the current situation facing the German Football Federation. In a statement for the British media company Sky, the former German international lamented about the image that the organization has offered in recent months. “The image that our federation has given lately is shameful and has reached its maximum with the Nazi comparison“.

By this he refers to the comparison between Fritz Keller, current president, and Rainer Koch, vice president. Keller assimilated his behavior with that of Nazi judge Rolf Friesler. Friesler was the one who sentenced members of the anti-Nazi movement to death such as the brothers Hans and Sophie Scholl.

Rummenigge and Völler as new members?

Matthäus proposes to place other leaders to preside over the Federation, currently immersed in a great crisis. “It is about time that the largest soccer federation in the world was led by someone who comes from soccer. This is the basis for my wish for Karl-Heinz Rummenigge or Rudi Völler to succeed Keller.“.

What the German legend proposes is a radical change in the structure that makes up the German federation. “The entire leadership must be changed: the president, the vice president, the general secretary. Everyone who is part of the current system has to go“In their places he would like to place Rummenigge, who is leaving Bayern Munich’s board of directors, as president, Y Völler, currently CEO of Bayer Leverkusen, as vice president.

After leaving his posts shortly, Matthäus thus considers his former colleagues in the Mannschaft the ideal candidates to improve the course of the German Football Association.