If we are going to be completely honest, all of us have ever stammered the lyrics of a song because we just don’t understand what it says. There is no way to deny it. But now we present the case of a Rage Against the Machine “fan” that took this to another level entirely.


On Tuesday, June 9, a Twitter user named Scott decided to share his feeling that Rage Against the Machine and Tom Morello are taking political positions. He firmly said that were “ruining” their fan base by sharing “political junk”. Hmm … Maybe he has never paid attention to RATM songs, since the California gang is one of the most political that has ever existed …

“I used to be a fanatic until your political views came out.”, wrote the fanatic in a tweet that he ended up deleting. “Music is my sanctuary and the last thing I want to hear is political garbage when I’m listening to music. As far as I’m concerned, you and Pink are finished. Keep opening your mouth and ruining your fan base. ”

Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly protest with a great cover to Rage Against the Machine

Now Tom Morello had two: to let the tweet pass, or to finish it like the gods. Fortunately, he chose the second one. Morello took his Twitter account and replied to his worst fan: Scott! What music of mine were you a fan of that didn’t have ‘political garbage’? “Tom said. “I need to know to be able to remove it from the catalog”.

As could be expected, from that moment Twitter did what it does best: a shower of memes and fancy comments that could keep any RATM fan amused.

Out there a fan replied that the band Scott listens to is “Rage In Favor Of The Machine” (“Fury in Favor of the Machine”), while another user wrote: “Against … which machine do you think you were enraged at? The broken toaster?, A defective dryer? An ink-free printer? “

Here are some other gems:

-Conservatives: “I don’t like that Rage Against the Machine suddenly turned all political and leftist.”


– “Americans really hearing what Rage Against the Machine sings for the first time.”

– “Are we the machine?”

– “Conservatives who love Rage Against the Machine”.

– “Huh. I wonder what that is for ”:

After all this shower of comments we are not sure if Scott will ever recover. But what we are sure of is that in the future he will pay more attention to the lyrics of his favorite bands …