A new game of turn-based strategy has just arrived at the eShop of the Joy-Con console, it is about OthercideThe second job from indie developer Lightbulb Crew after the aerial view shooter Games of Glory that it released about three years ago, which has been available Tuesday. September 15 on Nintendo Switch. In this new title we will become the last hope of humanity, putting ourselves at the head of an army, with which to fight spectacular battles in a dynamic timeline and face a series of final bosses in epic combats. On the occasion of its recent premiere on Nintendo Switch, a trailer has been shown where we can see glimpses of it along with some of the coolest cinematics, if you also want to appreciate how the game looks in motion, in case the trailer itself is It remains a bit cryptic, there is also a gameplay of the first twenty minutes of the game:

Othercide Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Humanity needs you. The daughters, fruits of the most fearsome warrior, are the last bastion in the face of Suffering and death.

Lead an army of daughters, lead them into combat and put your intellect at their disposal. Your expertise will decide their fate, modify their abilities, and shape their character. He sacrifices one daughter to heal another, knowing that the survivors grow stronger.

Live incredible battles in a dance of attacks and counterattacks; plan and chain skills to surprise the enemy. Face bosses and defeat the forces of Suffering, creatures born from the worst atrocities committed by humanity.

Fight, fall and get up

Lead, evolve and sacrifice your daughters

Defeat terrible creatures in this tactical RPG

Unlimited combat thanks to the dynamic timeline system

Delve into a deep and complex narrative

Failure is not the end: return with the power you had lost and face another nightmare

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