Osvaldo Laport and the controversy over the vaccination of the artists: “They told us that they would possibly do it with the risk groups”

Osvaldo Laport with Víctor Laplace, Roly Serrano and Antonio Grimau, his companions in the play Rotos de amor Osvaldo Laport with Víctor Laplace, Roly Serrano and Antonio Grimau, his companions in the play Rotos de amor

The artistic community, through different personalities from theater and television, was the first to be involved in the controversy over the VIP vaccinated. Although it was never officially discussed, in January an alternative was considered: that famous people received the dose against COVID-19 to encourage the rest of the population to accept the Russian vaccine, in a kind of awareness campaign. By case, Moria Casán He announced that he would, although this was without effect. The doctor Mariana lestelle harshly criticized Nancy Dupláa, who was in favor of this initiative. And till Mirtha Legrand he should have explained that he would not be vaccinated at home, as they had learned.

The controversy was rekindled last Friday when the journalist Horace Verbitsky acknowledged that he had been vaccinated at the Ministry of Health, thanks to his closeness to the former minister Ginés González García, and in parallel with the vaccination calendar organized by the State. Although the scandal went through the entire political class, again the celebrity was bogged down when a false list of celebrities who would have received -or it was in view that they would- the vaccine spread on social networks Sputnik V.

Three weeks ago Osvaldo Laport granted the journalist Cecilio Flematti for the cycle I live on Sunday, of A24. In addition to clarifying that he was willing to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, the Uruguayan actor declared: “What’s more: they offered it to me”. In those days his testimony went unnoticed; the report continued on other topics. But today the stage – precisely when it comes to theater – is quite different. And his words are resignified.

From January 6 Laport stars in the play Broken in love next to Roly Serrano, Antonio Grimau Y Victor Laplace, at Multitabarís, located on Corrientes Street. “It was the first show that came out, like minstrels (street artists of the Middle Ages), to pave roads, in this act of sensitivity towards Argentine theater, since in other countries theaters have not yet been opened, as in Italy ”, Highlights the 64-year-old actor, in dialogue with Teleshow.

“And just as we had to act as artists, we also acted as informants to make the theater public aware that they could return to the halls,” adds Osvaldo about the different measures that were put in place to attend the halls. Actors must also adhere to strict rules, such as swabbing every 10-15 days.

In this “framework of the health protocol”, as defined by Laport, another event would have happened. “(Rumor has it) that they were possibly going to vaccinate us -He warns, about the answer he gave in that report-. It’s just that: nobody called me, they didn’t put me against the wall”. However, he affirmed that this possibility reached “to all the casts that are at risk (such as Rotos de amor) and publicly exposed, doing theater.” But it was just a comment. Then, no one appeared to tell us: ‘Here I am with the vaccine, do you want to get vaccinated?’”.

Laport could not ascertain whether the person who made the inquiry was someone linked to the Ministry of Health or the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. “Honestly: I don’t know. Perhaps who should give you this information would be the press of Javier Faroni (producer of Rotos de amor). You know very well that the actors, in my case in particular and I attest to those who share the stage, come on, we work. ‘Stand here, stand there’; ‘Where?’; ‘Here’. This is what we do. No idea where that idea of ​​the possibility of getting vaccinated came from. Now I see myself in the middle of the circus … ”, he lamented, by way of conclusion.

Since Faroni’s production, they deny that there has been any kind of consultation with the artists about vaccination, both from the company and from a public body. “No producer of the play is aware that someone has gone through the dressing rooms to talk with the actors about this possibility,” they assured Teleshow.

“What did happen is an informal talk that occurred when Moria said that he would be vaccinated. ‘Would you do it?’ The cast was asked, but not officially, nor by asking them to make any inquiries. It was just a conversation, as it could happen in any other workplace. There is also no vaccination plan”.


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