Osvaldo Wehbe died this Thursday at the age of 63. El Turco, as the whole world of sports journalism knew him, had been hospitalized for more than two weeks because of a cerebrovascular accident (CVA). He was one of the great masters of the story and bastion of the Argentine radio.

The Turk Wehbe was admitted to the South Regional Clinic of Córdoba, your natal city. Around midnight on Sunday, July 26, she suffered a spike in her blood pressure and decompensated. He was immediately hospitalized and since then remained in intensive care with a very delicate health condition. This Thursday afternoon Cadena 3 confirmed his death at age 63.

“I inform you that the Master of Río Cuarto Osvaldo Wehbe has just left us physically, but his great stories will continue to resound forever in our ears. Rest in peace my friend and rest easy … Your stories were always worthy! « they said from their family.

Immediately, social networks were flooded with messages of condolences from his colleagues. Is that Wehbe is considered one of the best football rapporteurs, that marked a before and after in Argentine history. He stood out for his descriptions and details in the stories and with his history of the world of the ball. « The ball became the moon », is one of the many phrases that he patented in his more than 40 years of profession. « Let’s hope we were worthy », its final hose.

El Turco, who was also a criminal lawyer, started with his football stories in 1979 and he was part of different radio programs always related to sports, until the days before his hospitalization. He worked in radio Rivadavia and Continental, shared groups of I work with the historical ones José María Muñoz and Víctor Hugo Morales, and stood out for generating emotion in the listener in each story.

Turco Wehbe: San Lorenzo champion of the Copa Libertadores 2014 (Infobae)

However, it was in Cadena 3 in Córdoba where he shone. He became a radio duo with the historic sports commentator Víctor Brizuela, already deceased. San Lorenzo fan vibrated with the story of the final of the Copa Libertadores before the National of Paraguay in 2014, precisely on August 13 like today.

However, one of his most exciting stories, and that overcame all barriers, was that of Freddy Rincón to Germany in the World Cup in Italy 90. To this day, it continues to be highly remembered by the Colombian people, who consider this conquest as one of the most important in its history.

Turco Wehbe: Goal by Freddy Rincón in Colombia vs Germany World Cup Italy 1990 (Infobae)

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