Scientific studies to find effective vaccines and treatments for coronavirus continue to advance. The information on the disease that the institutions that are dedicated to these tasks have has increased over the months and possible solutions to combat the symptoms it causes are beginning to be known.

In this sense, the European Commission (EC) has offered hopeful news by revealing in a statement that a generic drug used to fight osteoporosis “could serve as a positive treatment for COVID-19 positive patients with mild or asymptomatic symptoms.” Said drug is called Raloxifene.

The research about the efficacy of this medicine in the face of the new ailment that has spread throughout the world has been carried out by the European consortium Exscalate4CoV, an organism that has focused its efforts on verifying the “potential impact of already known molecules against the genomic structure of the coronavirus”.

As reported by the European Commission, The promising preliminary results obtained by the aforementioned consortium have been achieved after virtually testing “400,000 molecules using their supercomputers.” This scientific institution, which has 18 partners and 15 associate members, including the National Supercomputing Center, located in Barcelona, ​​preselected 7,000 of these molecules. Of these, 40 were active in the experiments, with Raloxifene being the most effective.

Stops the progression of the disease

The conclusion that the researchers have reached in the initial tests is that This medicine could be apt to block the replication of the virus in the cells, thus slowing down the progression of the disease, especially in its earliest phases, without producing any negative reaction in the patient.

However, the investigation still has to face more tests to confirm its results. If, as they hope, the European Medicines Agency authorizes “the potential use” of the drug in patients with coronavirus, it “could quickly be made available to the public in large quantities and at low cost”, according to those responsible for the study.