Osteoporosis: a plant-based diet can help treat the disease

With age, it is normal for some conditions that deteriorate health to appear. One of the most frequent is the dreaded osteoporosis, a disease that thins and weakens the bones. Therefore the bones become very fragile and break easily, especially those of the hips, spine and wrists. The body naturally absorbs and constantly replaces bone tissue, however what happens with osteoporosis is that it does not allow the new bone tissue that was created to be enough to replace the one that was removed. The truth is that it is currently one of the most recurrent diseases in society, in the United States, millions of people suffer from osteoporosis or are at high risk due to low bone density.

Although many people do not have symptoms until they suffer some type of fracture, a great preventive measure is to make adjustments in the diet. Treatment includes medications, a healthy diet, and a weight-bearing exercise routine to help prevent loss of bone tissue or strengthen weak bones. It has been proven that women are three times more likely to suffer a bone fracture associated with osteoporosis in their lifetime. And there is data that confirms that one in ten women has osteoporosis by the age of 60 Worst? The risk doubles at age 70. So it is time to take more serious preventive measures and do everything in our power to keep our bones as strong as possible.

It’s known that calcium is one of the most essential nutrients for good bone healthHowever, it is not the only nutrient that bones need and dairy is not the only way to obtain it. In fact, a new study found that women who drank three or more glasses of milk were more likely to suffer from hip fractures and other bone fractures. These types of findings come as a good reference for lose the fear of following a plant-based diet, especially since many people tend to associate a good calcium intake with dairy consumption. In fact, experts have proven that following a varied plant-based diet is key to a strong skeleton, based on this it has been shown that a bone-protective diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. .

Fortunately, we currently have valuable information on the best dietary recommendations to eat a diet rich in calcium and other nutrients that protect the bones, without the need to consume dairy products. Best of all, calcium is available in green vegetables, beans, black molasses, sesame seeds and almonds, tofu and other powerful foods with great medicinal potential, which are also characterized by their content in vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and vitamin K. They also shine for their antioxidant content, such as lycopene, which is related to a great protective effect on bones. Next we set about compiling some of the most basic recommendations from nutrition experts for following a plant-based diet, while protecting our bones.

1. Eat lots of vegetables

Certain variants of vegetables can be packed with calcium, as the green leafy family of vegetables (collard greens, kale, spinach, chard and turnip greens) are among the favorites. With the simple fact of integrating the consumption of a cup in a meal you will obtain the 25% of daily calcium needs, that’s without considering the addition of other calcium-rich plant-based foods, wonderful! Vegetables are also packed with vitamin K, which reduces the risk of fractures. One of the best recommendations from the experts is to cook vegetables, it is a good method to reduce oxalates, Naturally occurring plant chemicals that get in the way of calcium absorption.

Seasonal vegetablesSeasonal vegetables. / Photo: Shutterstock

2. Integrate tofu into your daily diet

Tofu is a great ally in plant-based diets and is also a great replacement for dairy products, which are often high in fat and can be loaded with hormones. Tofu is full of protein and is very rich in calcium, in fact it is considered by nutritionists one of the favorite bone builders. It is worth mentioning that protein is essential for maintaining strong and healthy bone tissue. Another fact that is worth mentioning is that most varieties of tofu are fortified with calcium and it is a food with great anti-inflammatory power: inflammation is the enemy of strong, healthy bones.

Tofu / Photo: Shutterstock

3. Eat more mushrooms

Mushrooms are simply one of the most healing and medicinal foods that exist, not for nothing they play an essential role in cancer prevention. Therefore increasing their consumption and integrating them in various ways in the diet will always be a good nutritional recommendation, it is advisable to expose them to the sun before consuming them They will provide an extra dose of vitamin D! Bet on mixing them with other vegetables, tofu, herbs and fresh spices, they are also ideal for preparing broths, soups and sauces. Vitamin D is very important, as it helps the body absorb calcium and can thereby reduce the risk of fractures. According to a study from Boston University Medical Center, mushrooms exposed to UV light provide as much vitamin D as supplements. In addition, mushrooms are known to be an excellent source of copper and zinc, two nutrients involved in bone mineralization.


MushroomsMushrooms. / Photo: Pexels

4. Bet on coconut yogurt

We are used to relating the consumption of yogurt as a basic in the control of osteoporosis, due to its high calcium content and it is. However, there are alternatives to dairy, such is the case of coconut yogurt that has become incredibly fashionable in recent years. It is delicious, full of healthy fats and very creamy (very similar to the Greek style), it is also popularly known as cultured coconut milk. It is a delicious nutritional ally that contains calcium, vitamin D, and significant amounts of magnesium, which is associated with bone mass.

YogurtsYogurtsCoconut yogurt. / Photo: Shutterstock

5. Eat prunes

Plant-based diets surprise us more every day, with their immense versatility. Integrating prunes is the perfect sweet touch you were looking for, they are accessible, versatile and full of energy. In addition, they are a real treasure to prevent and control osteoporosis. The reason? They can reverse bone loss. Studies have shown that prunes increase bone mineral density and prevent age-related bone loss, benefits that other dried fruits cannot match. Bet on consuming them with fruit and coconut yogurt, in smoothies and vegetarian desserts They are just perfect and healthy!

PrunePrunePrune. / Photo: Pixabay

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