Osimhen, much ado about nothing

The big transfers are always the spicy winter and summer. By knowing who they are, where they come from and then keeping track of how they will do it. Unfortunately, it is not always for the better and the investment of the clubs is not compensated by the performance of the footballers.

A bleeding case, and that is not making much noise, is that of
Victor osimhen
. The forward of the Naples has made it clear that the phrase ‘much ado about nothing’ is said for a reason. That is what his transfer has been. In fact, it is one of the reasons also for the bad season of the Italians, who 70 million euros were spent on the Nigerian last summer and it seems difficult that this operation will be justified. Their goals should do so, but the absence of them is not the most worrisome of the case.

The Naples, without fixed tip and looking for the relief of
, searched in
your solution. In fact, it seemed like a masterful move as he beat several Premier League clubs, who had shown interest in the striker. If they weren’t for him, it’s because they saw something. And they were not wrong. The truth is that 70 million euros through

He has only played 15 games with the Azurra Samarra, and the vast majority coming off the bench. Neither their performances nor their numbers help to reverse the situation. In these meetings the Nigerian has been able to see the goal only twice, and also assisting only once. He looks slow, heavy and without understanding the team’s game. Against Granda it was a want and I cannot constant for a footballer who was the third most expensive signing last summer, only surpassed by
(Juventus) and
Kai havertz

Now it is shocking to hear that 70 ‘kilos’ were paid for a player who is offering this performance. More, if one takes into account that in his first season in the Lille Nor is it that he broke scoring records. He made 18 in 38 games, numbers not to go crazy, but the market has gotten greedy in recent years and the same caution is no longer used. Let’s see if he learns the lesson Naples