Óscar Zardain: “They offered Maravilla a fight against Chávez Jr.”

Darío Pérez
@ Ringsider2020

A few hours ago, we were able to have a chat with Oscar Zardaín, manager of the Maravillabox team. We have been able to review the highlights of their fighters and the general situation of Spanish boxing.

We asked how this last year and three months has been, weighed down by the effects of the restrictions derived from the health situation: «The pandemic has been a disaster at all levels. Boxing had a very clear upward trend in recent years, growing a lot, with new people and new fans in the evenings, and everything came to a halt. Now we have to start again, but it will be difficult to get back to the levels of a year and a half. We will see the restrictions that remain and what they allow us to do, but we live entirely from ticket sales; The good thing is that this summer activity is recovering ».

Be sincere saying that «We were saved by the return of Sergio Martínez, which had already been planned for a long time (we thought we had done it in May in Madrid, and ended in Torrelavega in August). Without the return of Maravilla, that plus, we would have been like Gallego Prada or other promoters who were not active. Without ticket money, you can’t do boxing in Spain ».

The plans of the company, after its evenings in February, August and December last year, are «Return to activity on September 18. I got really tired of everything the December event entailed, and things got more complicated in the first months of this year. Let’s see now in September the European Championship of Ángel Moreno and Maravilla will also fight. Most likely, it will be in the Plaza de Toros de Valdemoro ».

We talked a bit about team names. On Jon Fernández, who fights on July 3 in the United States against Michel Rivera and has already been training for a few weeks in Los Mochis (Mexico): “Okay, on Sunday they are already crossing into the United States and, if all goes well, we would consider being there for the camps and staying in the area, which are very comfortable. Jonfer is doing great, they tell me that he is doing a great preparation, very fast, great on a mental level. Yesterday they confirmed to us that it was an official WBA elimination, whoever wins will go against Rolando Romero for the interim. The rival is not one-armed, but we have our chances. It is a great opportunity, worldwide television, projection, and the loss of Gamboa I even believe that it can give more focus to this fight. We still do not know if it can be seen on television, but it is trying, Zardaín confirmed.

About Kiko Martínez, with whom we spoke a few days ago, he pointed out that «Kiko is a guarantee. We’re told he’s probably going to be in Leeds on September 4, Warrington’s soiree, but it depends on Barrett’s mood. Therefore, we are pending on the subject because we will have a gala in Alicante in October and, if there were problems with Leeds, Kiko would fight there. If I win, I would like it to be the one who wins the World Cup between Galahad and Dickens, which is also the IBF.

The following name is that of the boss, Maravilla Martínez: Fight on September 18, yes. On the rival, we are looking, to see if it is a little more than Koivula adapting to the current characteristics and what they ask of us. We have spoken with an English boxer, but hey, there is still time ».

We also ask you to explain what those winks to Murata, at that time WBA regular champion and now real world champion, ‘Super Champion’ were: “Actually, with Murata there were some contacts, but nothing very formal, also encouraged by the WBA. Now Murata is already more sweet to others when he is promoted, but he is very missing, not much is known, and Japan is not very there at the level of the pandemic. I hope they move on after the Olympic Games ».

Asked about what is still active in Sergio, he tells us that «It is an adventure, I don’t really know, it is an enigma and even he is not aware. He may have one more left or continue to win fights and who knows, but what I tell you for sure is that the moment I have a scare, I don’t even tell you to lose, the issue is over for us because it’s not worth it » .

And he confirms that yes, Chávez Jr. was spoken to about a second fight: “We had good conversations with them, but you can’t do anything with that boy, even the father would be more reliable than him. They offered us the fight he made with Anderson Silva, but we didn’t like the economic conditions nor did we trust to go to Mexico, the peso, etc. And now that he has lost we can no longer do anything with him, he does not generate what he used to do or take him seriously.

Bernard Torres is another strong bet of the Maravillabox company, and more so after his excellent fight in the last Matchroom evening in Spain. In addition to what he himself told us recently, Zardaín completes it by saying that «He travels to London on Saturday to glove two weeks with Michael Conlan. It is a solid project with his record, and, if nothing comes out first, he will fight in our events in September or October, but he has to do a major championship, in Norway or abroad. We have a lot of confidence in him, because he is very dedicated, he never gives any problems and I have not seen him a bad fight. We would go for the European Championship, because Norway is not in the European Union.

We also ask about Ángel Moreno and his next appointment for the European crown and his brother, Brandon Moreno: «Angel is already in preparation, and the fight is very difficult. Even Hinostroza does not have the name of others or an attractive record, but it is that he has stuck with all the best. After two Europeans away, he had to do it at home and he has to seize the opportunity. Hopefully later we could try the World Cup again. About Brandon, he has been a little forgotten, he has not boxed for a year and a half. I am going to give him activity now, because he continues to train well and we have to increase the fights, it will be in September or October ».

Finally, about Ismael García, Óscar Zardaín tells us that “As I was saying, in October we will have an evening in Alicante, almost certainly in Elche, and he will be the headliner waiting for what happens with Kiko in England.”

We do not leave untouched fighters who, without having a contractual relationship with them, have had ties with Maravillabox in recent years. Sergio García, El Niño, takes us a few minutes: “What happened is very simple, we had to do the European Championship, and the EBU half forced us to go to France. Sergio did not want to, and what happens is that, being a real free agent, they tried to force a new auction with MGZ behind, which could offer numbers to organize at home that we could not reach or did not see feasible. But Víctor Iglesias told me to continue working on the world elimination option, because the good relationship has always been there. MGZ could not beat the French and this opportunity arose in between us, which will finally take place in September. It is a good bag, a great opportunity and having the World Cup one step away, because it is going to be a difficult fight … for both of us ».

Finally, he tells us about his relationship with the former global aspirant who “Katharina Thanderz has been with Sauerland for a year and a half, they offered her a very good contract, a curious salary, and we could not compete with it when our relationship ended. She is aware of what they do, I can not tell you more. He returned to training soon after the World Cup he played, but I can’t tell you much more. They will do a World Boxing Super Series, but I do not know if Katy will give the super feather at this point, maybe it will be worth the effort for the projection that it would suppose, but I do not know.

As a final reflection, we talk about how to improve the situation and the viability of Spanish boxing: “Although Spanish boxing was on the rise, as I told you, there comes a point where you are limited only with an audience, you can only put in a European Championship, for example. It is very difficult without a television behind it, perhaps we will soon try some live or new channel theme, but it is a long-term investment and it is not easy. But it is not only boxing, here we suffer all sports except football. Another option is for a kid like Jonfer or Sergio García to come out and make a lot of noise, so that he can pull the rest. The TVs, if they gave little before, now with the pandemic they risk zero. And, to be honest, for me that a TV comes to give the World Cup or a specific big evening does not solve anything for me; It would be that they throw me five evenings a year to be able to work from behind and that new guys come out, like in the United Kingdom. There they have televisions that get involved, and here, without being ashy, I see it very complicated. Another consequence of that is that no sponsors come, because people cannot see the evenings.

The last pearl, tells us about his YouTube channel, Vintage Boxing: «I had lots of boxing tapes, of recordings from the days of Tele 5, and since there was not much to do during the pandemic, Tinín advised me to upload it to the network and make it available to the people. The most watched fight on the channel, Vargas against Trinidad, was not seen in Spain and I got it through an exchange, which is how we functioned before on today’s social networks ».

The entire talk can be seen on video from approximately 9:30 am.

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