Óscar Valdez defeats Berchelt by knockout and is new WBC champion

With a left hook one second after the tenth round ends, the Sonoran Óscar Valdez ended the dreams of the monarch Miguel Berchelt, who ended up lying on the canvas.

In an evening held at the Las Vegas Bubble, the now double Mexican world monarch toended with an effective knockout a four-year reign And incidentally he showed great preparation to which was added a strategy that handcuffed the Quintana Roo knocker.

« There is nothing better than showing that those who doubted me were wrong. No one can tell me what I can or cannot do. I will always prove them wrong with me. This was a team effort, a lot of focus, hard training, ”he declared as soon as he stepped out of the ring. “I knew I could beat him, that it would be tough. But I did not want to let it go and after great regret not having done it. I loved proving they were wrong with me, « he added.

Since the start of the fight, and despite being the smallest boxer in the ring, Valdez used a style that was not beneficial to Berchelt, who could never find the Sonoran to connect it. With a boxing on legs and using angles, Óscar managed to connect with his right hand and hurt the monarch twice so that he received the accountHowever, it was not until the tenth with a left hook to the jaw that he managed to loosen the Alacrán.

Valdez, who is run by Eddy Reynoso and his father on the corner, used angles and leg movement to avoid being a fixed target and thus gradually dismantle a monarch who had the greatest effectiveness and punching power within the division.

Berchelt woke up for the sixth and seventh rounds, looking to press with power shots, but Valdez cut off the momentum with moorings that did not give him the space necessary to achieve a coup of authority.

The outcome of the contest came in the tenth round when in a combination of blows, Valdez landed a fierce left hook to the jaw that completely disconnected Berchelt., who took a few minutes to compose himself to be able to rejoin. The Alacrán was even taken to the hospital for review due to the blows he received.

With this victory, Berchelt not only saw the desire to keep his title and follow suit to break Chávez’s record of nine defenses, he also added his second loss in the professionalism. Both by knockout.

Alacrán Berchelt, under observation

As soon as he stepped out of the ring, the former Mexican champion Miguel Berchelt was transferred to the hospital and underwent a tomographyto to know his physical condition after being knocked out by Oscar Valdez from Sonora.

The results were positive, but they will keep you under observation overnight before they can discharge you.