Óscar “Akira” Yasser Noriega, founder of Atomix, dies of COVID-19

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Today the Latin gamer world is in mourning. Óscar Yasser Noriega, known in the media as Akira, has died due to the coronavirus. The news was spread through social networks by Óscar’s wife and got the quick reaction of his friends and collaborators, who met to say goodbye.

Akira left an indelible legacy in the video game industry in Mexico. At 17 years of age, Akira founded Atomix, one of the most important print media for the Mexican video game world, a medium that knew how to mark an era and the memory of many players to this day. He also contributed to major outlets such as CNN Mexico, Newsweeek,, as well as hosting the Nerdcore Podcast, a geek culture and technology podcast.

But his career was not only in the media, his impact transcended in various companies that Akira founded, which were quite successful, such as SCLBits, a pioneering digital marketing agency in Mexico. He was also the founder of Pocket Supernova Inc and Wabisabi Design Inc, companies dedicated to the development of mobile applications, video games, and projects for virtual reality and augmented reality.

From the team we want to send all our condolences to Akira’s friends, family and loved ones, hoping that he is in a better place at this time and thanking his contributions to the gamer community.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord