Managua, United States.

The government of Nicaragua reported this Friday that it does not sell or surrender, after United States applied personal economic sanctions to the head of the Armed forces, Julio César Avilés, and the Minister of Finance, Iván Acosta, for alleged acts of corruption and for helping “silence” pro-democratic voices in the Central American country.

“Children we sell, nor do we give up, that is the phrase that distinguishes us “, said the wife of the president Daniel Ortega, Rosario Murillo, in his midday address, hours after the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, reported the sanctions against Avilés and Acosta.

The sanctioned officials are guiding the arms and economic resources of Nicaragua, which, according to experts, are the main bases of the Government of Ortega.

With these sanctions, all the assets that Avilés and Acosta could have in United States were frozen, and they will not be able to make financial transactions with American citizens or that involves some type of transit through the North American country, which will have access difficulties to international financial system.

Murillo, who like his husband it takes two years of being faced with an apparent majority of Nicaraguan, He spoke of unity, without specifying the actors.

“We are united in each challenge, we we unite more and more in front of each challenge ”, he said.

In the same way, he warned that “the victories and the paths of victory do not stop ”. “We have the spiritual capacity, the fertile spirituality that grows,” he stressed.

Avilés and Acosta, who do not usually give public statements, remained silent after the announcement of their penalties.

For his part, the executive director of the opposition Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, Juan Sebastián Chamorro, indicated that the sanctions against Avilés and Acosta were “self-imposed” for refusing to comply with the Constitution of Nicaragua, and support illegal acts, despite the warnings of the dissidents.


“This is a heavy blow to a dictatorship what has repressed the people of Nicaragua, the sanction is accompanied by a very forceful assertion, of the involvement of the Armed forces, and indicates the investigations and evidence that OFAC (Office of Control of Foreign Assets) may have to apply this type of sanctionsChamorro told Efe.

The opposition leader agreed with the ex-guerrilla and former Minister of Health Dora María Téllez in which the officials sanctioned they must resign their charges.

On the other hand, the National Coalition movement, made up of the Civic Alliance and the Blue and White National Unit, the most important opposition organizations in Nicaragua, agreed that the sanctions of United States to the military chief and the country manager are an important warning to military and officials.

Sanctions “are also a call to Army officers, classes, and soldiers, as well as all the officials and employees of the State, to act, not only in defense of their own safety and lifebut of all Nicaraguan“Indicated the movement.

“The dictatorship of the Ortega Murillo is enemy of life, he has demonstrated it by murdering hundreds of Nicaraguan in his repressive response to the April 2018 civic rebellion, and now with his negligence and deliberate criminal attitude before the COVID-19 pandemic“added the Coalition.

Murillo stressed that his Government is “a pioneer of peace, of affection”, and insisted that “we never sell or surrender, example of dignity and courage ”.

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Like the opposition, and that national and international human rights organizations, United States points to Ortega as responsible for the government violence that since 2018 has left hundreds of dead, prisoners and disappeared, thousands of wounded, and more than 100,000 people at exile.

Ortega is also responsible for the consequences of the pandemic, by not establishing restrictions or taking preventive measures before the COVID-19, and, on the contrary, to promote agglomerations, whose assistants, exclusively sandinistasThey are then sent on house-to-house visits.

Murillo denied the mishandling of the pandemic, and promised to release a “White Paper” on the subject. EFE