Orso Arreola dies, goodbye to the ‘literary bear’

Orso Arreola was also born in Zapotlán el Grande, “a town that was made so great by Ciudad Guzmán a hundred years ago”, as described by his father, Juan José Arreola, a place that also became a setting for games and learning, at the time of axis to protect the memory of one of the fundamental writers of the second half of the 20th century.

The cultural promoter died at dawn on Monday, according to his family announced through social networks, after having been hospitalized since last Thursday, it was reported in the same message, without specifying the causes.

“The Arreola family participates that my father, as well as my grandfather, uncle and brother, the teacher Orso Arreola Sánchez, jealous and meticulous guardian of the memory of his father, the eminent Jalisco writer Juan José Arreola, passed away at dawn this Monday 22 February 2021 in his beloved Zapotlán El Grande at the age of 72 ”.

After remembering that Orso Arreola Sánchez had written books like The Last Minstrel, Dispersed Prose and Life and Work, as well as being a compiler and researcher of Perdido, I go in search of myself. Poetry and watercolors and Juan José Arreola, iconography, was also recognized as a cultural promoter and founding director of the Casa Taller Literario Juan José Arreola.

« Rest in peace, we wish you with love, respect and deep admiration. May your ironic wisdom and your enormous vocation as a literary bear protect us and always accompany us ”, adds the message.

In particular, the musician Alonso Arreola said goodbye to his father with a hug to his brothers “Chema Arreola, Juan José Arreola Cuenca and Sara Fernanda AC”, and acknowledged that there was peace between them: “My father died. I thank you for the sun and for the water; for the possibility of finding beauty and love in so many places. We misplace many pieces of our puzzle, but the outline of its plot is inheritance enough. He’s already with Grandpa. Rest your body and your voice ”.

As guardian of the work of his father, Juan José Arreola, Orso was in charge of coining a phrase that has accompanied the writer for decades, that of The Last Minstrel. Thus, for example, he was the protagonist of the Festival of the Book and the Rose in 2018, when the centenary of the birth of the author of The Fair was commemorated.

“I think that Arreola – his son insisted in those days – had to be a paradigm in Mexican literature, a link that unites the same generation of the Athenaeum, which is adopted by the Contemporaries and how, in the middle of the 20th century, when he begins to write, he becomes a central figure ”.

A sad day for Jalisco

Both the Ministry of Culture of the federal government and the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature lamented the death of Orso Arreola, but especially the cultural community of Jalisco. The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, wrote on his Twitter account: “A sad day for Jalisco and Mexican literature. I regret the death of maestro Orso Arreola, a man who, together with the memory of his father, leaves us a legacy that remains an unforgettable cultural heritage ”.