Orozco confirms that it is one of the positives for Covid-19 in Santos; got infected after meeting

▲ On May 12, Jonathan Orozco celebrated his birthday with a party, to which he invited family and friends without respecting the measures of confinement.Photo Jam Media

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La Jornada newspaper
Friday, May 22, 2020, p. 9

Saltillo. Goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco confirmed that it is one of the 12 positive cases of Covid-19 that have been registered in the Santos Laguna club, after the Coahuila government revealed the ages of those infected.

Without disclosing the identity of the players, the authorities reported the ages of the first eight cases that were positive, ranging from 21 to 34 years and all are men. Later, the Mx League indicated that four other infected were detected in the Guerreros campus, while 46 tests were carried out in Atlas, of which 23 were negative.

Being Jonathan Orozco the only member with 34 years of age, the media indicated that he would be one of the infected. Hours later, the player himself confirmed that he tested positive for coronavirus and offered a public apology for not having taken the necessary precautionary measures.

“I tested positive, but I’m fine, as well as my family. None of the colleagues who are infected were at my house (in recent days). I want to clarify that it is a lie that I had a party, although I did have a meeting in which I invited two people.

I have not left my home and I do not know how the virus came, maybe it was because of a person who came, but he did not blame anyone, I am responsible for having a meeting. I ask you to take care of yourselves, I feel sorry and hopefully it will serve as an example to understand in someone else’s head, he said in a video.

Orozco was involved in a scandal after he held a meeting to celebrate his birthday (May 12), in which he invited family and friends, without respecting the confinement measures that the federal government has requested to prevent the spread of the virus. .

In a first list that the government of Coahuila revealed are also two players of 25 years, another pair of 24, as well as three others of 23, 22 and 21 years.

Gerardo Arteaga, 21 years old, has also been pointed out by the media as another of the probable infected because in recent days he participated in Zapopán, Jalisco, in a clandestine outdoor car race, without considering sanitary prevention measures .

Dr. Martha Alicia Romero, Secretary of Health of Coahuila, indicated that the positive cases will be followed up. The investigations are being done, it is to review case by case. If there was a relationship between them, with meetings, I do not have that information, but the possible source of contagion is sought. Although they have no symptoms, they can transmit the disease, he assured a radio station.

The Coahuila government reported that it will maintain sanitary filters and epidemiological surveillance to detect any possible spread in the soccer players’ family environment. The state Secretary of Health will be in charge of following up on each of the families and all the people with whom the players had contact in recent days.

The Santos players were tested for Covid-19 in a private hospital that has a certified laboratory. A total of 48 people from the organization had the exam and are still waiting for 26 results.

On the economic issue, the Warriors squad is also unstable. The Espn portal assured that Grupo Orlegi, owner of Santos and Atlas, made it clear to its players that the economic situation of the consortium is not the best in the face of the pause, there would be no certainty when they could pay full wages again.