Orochimaru’s 5 Greatest Strengths (And His 5 Worst Weaknesses)

Orochimaru was the leader of the Sonda Village and the strongest antagonist at the beginning of the Naruto series. He was infamous for his unmitigated malicious behavior and for the pernicious way in which he had induced Sasuke Uchiha into his service.

At first, it seemed that the shinobi was an impeccable force for evil. However, with the passage of time, the anime has illustrated that he suffers from many disabling flaws both as a fighter and as a person. The contrast between his most prodigious flaws and his strengths illustrates the complexity of his character.

10 Weakness: As the series and its characters progressed, the strength of the Sannin only diminished.

Compared to the characters introduced at the beginning of the series, Orochimaru was stronger than most (save for a handful of individuals like Might Guy or Sarutobi). The enhancements he made to his own body greatly enhanced the power at his command.

However, as the series and its characters progressed, the Sannin’s strength only diminished (since the Third Hokage removed his weapons after his fateful fight against the other). When he was restored at the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, both Naruto and Sasuke had surpassed him beyond their dreams.

9 Strength: The unparalleled intelligence he has is the reason he was able to survive the original series and Shippuden

One of Orochimaru’s greatest strengths (and the reason why he was able to survive not only in the original series but also in Shippuden) was the incomparable intelligence at his disposal.

In addition to discovering immortality (by inhabiting different bodies and gaining the powers of his previous hosts), he was also able to scientifically augment his minions. This made them significantly more deadly when they inevitably took on the heroes, with some antagonists strong enough to defeat Rock Lee despite their taijutsu prowess.

8 Weakness: Despite Orochimaru’s intelligence, his plans often lack foresight

An example of his lack of foresight can be seen in his battle against Jiraiya and Tsunade after the latter refused to heal his arms. Although attempting to bribe her may not have been an efficient strategy, killing her outright would have yielded much poorer results.

Furthermore, he was unprepared for the possibility that Sasuke would one day turn on him, betraying their deal while pursuing his revenge. Ironically, the fallen Sannin had unknowingly provided his new ward with the same tools that would bring about his own death. By the looks of it, most of your long-term planning ability leaves a lot to be desired.

7 Strength: your leadership ability is magnificent

Despite Orochimaru’s poor foresight, his leadership skills are superb. He was able to gauge the Sound Four’s strengths, sending them on dozens of successful missions before the attack on Konoha (some of which were even S-rank).

When it was time to confront Sarutobi, his servants built a shield around the arena, effectively sealing off any intruders who tried to break through the barrier from the outside. Similarly, the team he commanded would successfully retrieve Sasuke, even if the avenger was the only member of the group to return alive from the Blade.

6 Weakness: Orochimaru’s lack of empathy was one of his main reasons for turning away from the Blade and becoming a fugitive.

His lack of empathy also weakened his success on many of his missions, including among his fellow Sannin. When the Stone surrounded a mountain on all sides and began to collapse it, Orochimaru wanted to « piously » kill Jiraiya so that he would not be captured by the enemy.

Considering that his salvation was only moments away, taking the sage’s life would have been a huge mistake that Tsunade would never have forgiven him for.

5 Strength: Although Orochimaru is not the most subtle, he is nevertheless a master of manipulation

He got Sasuke to take his side not by kidnapping him, but by showing that the strength Konoha offered was insufficient. This caused his prospect to walk away on his own file and even fight those who were trying to get it back.

The Sannin was equally adept at refining Naruto himself. He was not explicitly punished for his crimes because of the service he rendered at the end of the Fourth War. However, this is despite the fact that he only resurrected the Hokage because Sasuke forced him.

4 Weakness: Orochimaru’s restlessness was one of his greatest flaws and part of what led him to act against the Blade

He was not explicitly seeking revenge for being hunted by them for his experiments. Instead, he wanted to cause as much chaos as possible to get things rolling and satiate his sadistic tendencies.

Poetically, the havoc he caused would paint a huge target on his back and disrupt his investigation, as many of Konoha’s best were investigating his labs and forcing him to evict them.

3 Strength: Orochimaru’s versatility makes him an unpredictable and deadly ninja.

He is capable of releasing snakes in any incarnation and is a deceptively skilled martial fighter to complement his affinity for ninjutsu (demonstrated in his fight against Log).

When necessary, man is able to withdraw or escape from dangerous situations. This was particularly evident through his close avoidance of Itachi Uchiha – if he hadn’t brought in Kabuto to intervene, the Akatsuki member would have finished him off for his betrayal.

2 Weakness: his Mortality – the closer he gets to his body’s expiration date, the weaker the Sannin becomes

While his ability to transfer their souls between bodies gives Orochimaru an excellent power advantage, it comes at an even higher cost. Every three years, he is forced to find a new host, as the form in which he currently resides begins to crumble and forcibly reject him.

If he is unable to find a new vessel strong enough to contain his power, he is destined to perish. Also, the closer to his body’s expiration date, the weaker the Sannin becomes, a fact that Sasuke realized and was glad to take advantage of.

1 Strength: Orochimaru’s greatest strength is undoubtedly his tenacity.

He was the only villain to survive from the beginning of Naruto to the end of Shippuden (aside from Kabuto), persisting through dozens of brushes with death.

The most obvious example can be drawn after being killed by Sasuke, only to be reborn through the curse mark he had placed on Anko’s neck many years later. There was a similar design embedded in the young Uchiha, although it was destroyed during his battle against Itachi. Evidently, Orochimaru is capable of escaping any inhibitions – be it because of his insidious reputation or because of the powerful enemies who seek his head – no matter how insurmountable the obstacle may seem.