The Endesa League It will resume its season on June 17, and will run until June 30. After several months in a state of suspension due to the health crisis of the coronavirus, the leadership of the Spanish domestic competition has believed that the best decision for basketball is to resume the competition and that there is a winner in the 2019 edition / twenty.

However, despite the fact that the majority has welcomed this decision in question, there are some players who consider that they are not physically or mentally prepared to face matches at the highest level of intensity again. Among them is Pierre oriolaplayer of the Barcelona Lassa, and he has made it known through some statements for RAC1:

“The Euroleague has made the great decision to start the next season with more strength so that the players are rested. I cannot say the same about the ACB League, which has wanted to go elsewhere. I respect any decision that is made, but there are many doubts on the table. We have been confined for two months and the mental health of the players is being overlooked. From my point of view it is a very damaging mistake for us. “

In addition, Oriola considers that not all teams have followed the same preventive indications for the resumption of the season, although it does not point to any specific team:

“Things should have been done differently, and well before. At Barça, all possible measures have been taken to ensure everyone’s health, but not all teams have done the same as us, and that is the first mistake that has been made as a partnership. “