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WWE was without several of its superstars for the Monday episode of Raw, and that is that only a few wrestlers were able to attend the recordings due to the positive tests for COVID-19, there were others that did not confirm if they tested positive but were not on Raw.

Some of the absent fighters were Austin Theory, Natalya, Liv Morgan, and Randy Orton.

Rey Mysterio and Dominik were going to be at the Performance Center

WWE had announced that Rey Mysterio would be on Monday’s show and made an appearance but was not at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Instead, WWE had him film a segment with his son, Dominik, at home. They made a promo video where they addressed Seth Rollins to continue the rivalry.

Dave Meltzer revealed in today’s most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that the original plans required the King and Dominik to be on the television recordings in person. However, plans changed and they did the segment from home.

Meltzer added that the absence of Mysterio, Dominik, Theory and Orton from the TV recordings are NOT due to the positive for COVID-19. However, it is not known why they were absent.

In Natalya’s case, she was sent home along with her husband and WWE producer TJ Willson, because Wilson had a fever when she got to the tapes. It should be noted that they tested negative for the virus.

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