Since Fani Carbajo insinuated in ‘La casa fuerte’ that much of the money Oriana Marzoli earned was for her work as a luxury prostituteMuch has been said about the subject in the Mediaset formats. ‘Save me’ did not hesitate to uncover the plot of young girls who work on television and who go to parties with soccer players or singers in exchange for money, while Carbajo’s aunt herself stated that she was also a prostitute. For her part, the former participant of ‘The island of temptations’ denied everything, as well as Marzoli, who always made it clear that he had never charged for something like this.

Oriana Marzoli

He also spoke about it this Friday, July 31 in ‘Save me’, space where he went to take stock of everything that has happened after leaving ‘La casa fuerte’. It explained that much of his income comes from everything he has earned from his reality TV job, both in Spain and Chile, and also explained that in Chile they charge much more than in our country, which has allowed them to earn much more money than the audience can imagine. « If by carrying signature bags you dedicate yourself to this and you are ‘Pretty Woman’, then all the influencers are dedicated to that », The girl affirmed, thus responding to Carbajo, who did not hesitate to ask publicly that « Where did the money come from to buy those bags? »

The money you have earned thanks to the small screen has allowed you to spend it for a long time. Proof of this is that Oriana herself confessed on this visit to ‘Save me’ that « I spent 26,000 euros in a month when I left ‘Survivors’. Then I cut off the card. » But it was not the only luxury that has occurred after leaving television programs and it is that thanks to the money he earned for his successful step in Chilean reality shows he allowed him spend 6,000 euros in a single day buying three bags.

His work as an influencer

Today, Marzoli takes much more care of his economy and is that he is not spending everything he is earning for his participation in programs. As I explain « I already have savings from what I have earned from reality TV ». In addition, he stated that his work as influencer also gives you a very high monthly financial amount, something that his mother already explained months ago. This is undoubtedly another of its main sources of income, along with what Mediaset Spain charges for its channel on the communication group’s video platform.