Orange Spain will lay off 485 people | News | Operators

Orange Spain has formally communicated to the legal representation of the workers the intention to carry out a employment adjustment plan that will affect a maximum of 485 jobs.

As indicated in the document, “it will summon the legal representation of the workers in the next few days to a first meeting to start the negotiation on the way in which this process is going to be carried out.”

Orange Spain will lay off 485 people.

And he explains that the telecommunications sector has been experiencing income losses for years as a result of the hIpercompetitiveness of the market and the multiplicity of low cost players. This poses a great challenge for the company that has been 20 years assuming intensive investments and that you need to continue doing so in an environment of technological transition.

“In this context, to guarantee the competitiveness of the company, it is essential to adapt the operation to these structural changes,” he continues.

“This process will take place during the months of May and June and, the company, as it is doing today, will report on the milestones and agreements reached, always preserving respect for the negotiating process with the legal representation of the workers that begins today ”, the statement sent to the press states.

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