Orange drops 5.9% in revenue in Spain in 2020 and focuses on improving its profitability

Orange has just released its 2020 financial results, showing a 5.9% drop in revenue in Spain compared to the previous year. The operator saw its business volume reduced by 8.8%, falling to 1,211 million euros in Q4 2020.

Since the first semester there was a 4.6% drop, with loss of mobile and broadband customers, caused according to the company by the la partial stoppage of its activity due to the COVID-19 crisis and the rise of its low cost competitors.

Orange will focus on improving results in Spain

Orange has published its account report for 2020, showing both global data and those referring to Spain. In our country, with respect to the previous year, Orange entered 5.9% less, 4,951 million euros.

By segments, where it has suffered the biggest drop has been in the mobile segment, with a drop of 12.9% compared to the previous year. Convergent services also fell by 5.1%, while retail services also registered a fall of 7.6%. Regarding equipment sales revenue, they fell 9.2% in 2020, to 547 million euros.

Orange focuses on improving the EBITDAal trend in Spain, with a strategy focused on accelerating B2B activity, improving the customer experience and more

But not everything is downfall in Orange accounts. Wholesale services grew 1.7% to 916 million euros. Similarly, and although EBITDAaL (EBITDA after leases) fell 13% year-on-year, eCapex increased 19.3% to 969 million euros.

From the global report they show their intentions to improve the EBITDAal trend, the main priority for Spain. For this, the plan is accelerate B2B activity, focus on the customer experience, strengthen digitization in customer relationships, achieve greater optimization of costs and acquire greater simplification.

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