Uncertainty leads to media noise, confusion, friction and confusion. These are feelings that emerge from the meeting held between the ATP and the vast majority of professional players. The absence in it of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal did not minimize the great relevance of everything that was at stake, nor the deep discomfort of some players for the decisions that are intended to be taken from the highest levels of world tennis. There is a lot of cross-information, so it is necessary to clearly establish in which scenarios the circuit can move and what was decided at that meeting.

06/11/2020 09:06

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– Certainties from the meeting

The final decision will be made on the 15th, when the final schedule will be announced in both the ATP and the WTA.
There will be no tennis beyond November. Much had been speculated that the season could be extended until December to accommodate other events, but the ATP Finals and WTA Finals would be the last events to be held, at the expense of what may happen with the Davis Cup. The ATP Finals are from November 15 to 22.
The US Open will not be played at another venue or on any date other than Flushing Meadows and the pre-established days for it, that is, from August 24 to September 13
Everything indicates that the tour on clay is guaranteed. The tournaments of Madrid (from September 14 to 20) and Rome (from September 21 to 27) would be played just before Roland Garros, which would begin on September 28 and continue until October 11, as it is speculating for a while, even though the expected date is still September 20.
The leak of the WTA calendar proposed by Tara Moore establishes that the return of competitive tennis would take place in early August, either on the 3rd in Charleston or on the 10th in Washington, although all this would be subject to what to do with the United States tour. . In addition, the tournament in Wuhan, the birthplace of the pandemic, would be held.

– Leaks of the meeting between players, according to Brand

It has been known that some players, such as Milos Raonic, showed their dissatisfaction that they could not take more than one person to tournaments, having to resign from the coach or physical trainer. In addition, the humbler doubles and players do not welcome the fact that it is possible to cut the preliminary and double phase frames since that would incur a loss of profits and points.
Andrea Gaudenzi justified that no ATP executive has lowered his salary because they have continued working. Regarding the freezing of the ranking or the deletion of ATP points in play during some tournaments, he said that this is impossible since it is not contemplated in the agreements with the televisions.
Marin Cilic became a vocal leader of the players, claiming the rights of many of his teammates and requesting a popular vote that would influence the final decision. However, it will be the managers of the ATP who make the final decision, with the pressure that the Council of Players led by Novak Djokovic may exert.

– Possible scenarios for the American tour

With the tour on clay well underway, despite the tight schedule and the physical wear that may occur, what is more in doubt is what to do with the US tournaments prior to the US Open 2020, as well as with the New York Grand Slam . Three possible scenarios have been established, which will be decided on June 15:

The Masters 1000 Cincinnati is played a week before the US Open at the Flushing Meadows’ own facilities, abolishing the previous phase of the Grand Slam and reducing the doubles table from 64 pairs to 24
The Masters 1000 Cincinnati is canceled, maintaining the previous phase of the US Open, as well as contesting the doubles table with the same number of regular pairs
Cancellation of both the Masters 1000 Cincinnati and the US Open.

To all this, we must add the possibility of new outbreaks of coronavirus, something not ruled out according to the opinion of many accredited scientists. Nor can we ignore the palpable existence of the possibility that some players make a kind of boycott of the US Open 2020. Many have already expressed their disagreement with the measures proposed and reaffirmed yesterday by the New York Grand Slam. The solution to these puzzles will come soon.

This will be the US Open 2020 ... if it is held

05/31/2020 10:05

Without an audience, daily temperature controls or best of three sets matches are some of the measures that would be taken for the event to unfold.

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