Options Daniil Medvedev to be number 1 final world 2021 Djokovic

It’s complicated but not impossible. Daniil Medvedev He has released his record in terms of Grand Slam titles, but he has many other tremendously exciting challenges ahead of him. He himself has reaffirmed his enormous motivation to achieve achievements such as an Olympic gold medal or to be proclaimed champion of the Davis Cup with his country, but he does not hide either how important it would be for his career to become number 1 in the world. That this possibility exists considering that Novak Djokovic has won three Grand Slams this season, it seems almost a miracle, but while mathematics does not say otherwise, there is reason to think of a surprise from the Russian in the last two months, which could put the Serbian’s dominance in trouble in the ATP ranking.

It is necessary to remember that Djokovic is the only player in history who has been able to finish 6 years at the top of the world rankings and has many ballots to further enhance his legend with a seventh season settled at the top. The only one who can avoid it is Medvedev. There are three major tournaments ahead, such as the Masters 1000 Indian Wells 2021, the Rolex Paris Masters 1000 2021 and the Nitto ATP Finals 2021. “I have many points to defend, I see almost impossible to achieve it,” the Russian commented at a press conference after his success at Flushing Meadows. These are the numbers you have to do and the scenario that should occur:

Currently there is a difference between the two of 1,580 points in the ATP ranking Medvedev will lose the points he still has from the 2019 Shanghai and Saint Petersburg tournaments, that is, 50% of those obtained in both tournaments (1,125) The Russian also defends his title in Paris in 2020, as well as the quarter-finals in Vienna, an event to which he has already announced that he will not attend. (1,090) Djokovic will lose the points he still has from the 2019 Tokyo and Paris tournaments, that is, 50% of those obtained in both tournaments (1,250) Regarding the points of Indian Wells 2019, 50% will be kept if that improves the result of 2021. However, both the Russian and the Serbian only defend the second round of 2019. In addition, the Russian defends the 1,500 points obtained in the Nitto ATP Finals 2020, while Djokovic only 400.

Taking this into account, Daniil Medvedev You will have to cut a gap close to 3,000 points, for which you will need to win at least two of the three major tournaments that remain to be played, making a great performance in the other and hoping that Novak Djokovic Do not compete for the remainder of the season or just play the Nitto ATP Finals 2021. A good performance by the Serb in Paris, such as a semi-finals, would pave the way a lot to be able to secure the number 1 in the world.

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