Opposition to Salgado Macedonio grows; “Ya chole”, says AMLO

The demonstrations against the candidacy of Félix Salgado Macedonio to the governor of Guerrero intensified after President López Obrador questioned the origin of the campaign against the licensed senator.

During yesterday’s morning conference, López Obrador recognized the right to demonstrate for women and men who are against the candidacy of Félix Salgado, but he questioned the origin of these demonstrations.

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« You always have to ask yourself, and from whom? I mean, why all this? What’s behind it? Regardless of whether it is a legitimate demand and a delicate matter, anyway, » he declared in the morning.

Later, when presenting the National Program for Equality between Women and Men, the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, said that “for any conduct that could suggest violence against women. Today that demand is present, because for current Mexican society, unrestricted respect for the right of women to live a life free of violence is a necessary condition to be a popular representative ”.

On Wednesday, in social networks, feminist groups, writers, politicians, actors and actresses demonstrated against the candidacy of Salgado Macedonio for the governorship of Guerrero with the label #NoVioladorSeráGobernador, and with photographs carrying banners they called President López Obrador to “break the pact « so that Salgado is not a candidate.

The signs of rejection of the candidacy continued yesterday. In the Senate, legislators asked Salgado Macedonio to get out of the electoral contest.

The PAN Alejandra Reynoso Sánchez stressed that the correct thing is for Salgado Macedonio to get out of the electoral contest, since for President López Obrador when there is a crime of corruption or rape committed by someone from Morena, nothing happens and it is politicking.

« These are complaints that threaten the tranquility and dignity of women regardless of party and state, » he said.

While the morenista Antares Vázquez Alatorre declared that she agrees to be tried, and the Guerrero Prosecutor’s Office should expedite it, « how is it possible that in so many years there has been no progress in the investigation? », The senator questioned.

In Guerrero, feminist groups demonstrated against Salgado’s candidacy. Shouting « No aggressor will be governor! » and « President break the pact! », the protesters arrived at the Electoral Tribunal of the State of Guerrero and there they submitted a challenge to the registry.

There are five complaints against Félix Salgado Macedonio of alleged sexual abuse of women. The first of them was presented by Basilia, who accuses having been allegedly raped by the senator with license in 1998, in the port of Acapulco, but did not report the events at the time out of fear. The case was dismissed by the Prosecutor’s Office by prescription.

Another complaint is that of JDG, who accuses the senator of sexual abuse, allegedly in 2016, but it was not until the following year when he appeared before the Guerrero Prosecutor’s Office, which remains unresolved whether or not he will be prosecuted.

On January 20, the Guerrero prosecutor, Jorge Zuriel de los Santos, assured that Salgado Macedonio only had one pending complaint for the crime of rape that is still under legal evaluation.

With information from Gabriel Xantomila, Sarahi Uribe and Celso Castro / El Sol de Acapulco and Carlos Moreno / El Sol de Acapulco